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We want to know how you use our products so that we can continue to deliver the best features, fixes, and new content based, more than ever, on user feedback. Participation is 100% optional. Here’s how analytics can help improve your experience with Cakewalk products.

Why Do Companies Use Analytics?

Feedback has always been important to us. For example, w e already use information from forums, surveys, press, dealers, and social media to gain perspectives on how new updates to SONAR are doing, and what needs more work. Unfortunately this doesn’t always tell us how the experience is for the larger population of customers outside of these channels. Analytics are the best way to gauge the in­app customer experience. Your feedback in all these places is very important to us, and we’d like to continue to expand our understanding of how you use our software.

How Specifically Does this Help Users?

We’ll be able to find out what features are popular, ways to improve features, roadblocks that users encounter, and how well new features integrate with your workflow. However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t pay attention to features that are less used. We see this as an opportunity to look at less used features and improve them. We will continue to be committed to both our new and existing users to deliver both easy to use and powerful updates to our software.

Can I Opt Out?

Of course! You can disable analytics in your products preferences at any time. In SONAR you also have two participation choices: Anonymous, or Cakewalk Account Connected. Connecting your Cakewalk Account makes you eligible for community activities, such as earning rewards, as well as to get more personalized data based on your workflow such as tips or hints.

What information is Cakewalk collecting?

The information we are collecting tells us the configuration of the computer you are using to run our software such as the installed operating system (OS) version and the product version you are using i.e. SONAR and it’s install type of 64bit or 32bit. We’ll be able to see user interactions regarding features used in the software, Third party add­ons (plug­ins) used in sessions and the types of hardware used with our software (audio & MIDI interfaces). We use this information to better optimize the software and provide better support for your hardware.

Is the Data Sent to Cakewalk Secure?

Yes, the analytics data goes straight to our server in an encrypted format.

Will Cakewalk Monitor Other Apps?

Absolutely not. We are not interested in other apps you’ve installed. Our analytics apply only to our products and how you use our software. We can’t, and will never, monitor your activity outside our app.

Do Analytics Affect Performance?

No, gathering analytics data places no strain on the CPU. Whether you choose to participate or not doesn’t change the performance at all in any of our products.

Sounds Good, How Do I Participate?

Make sure you leave the option checked in Preferences and we’d like to thank those who participate in advance for your assistance in helping us continue to refine and improve the products that Cakewalk makes.

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