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Javier Colon
Full of heart and soul, major label recording artist Javier Colon is set to release a new album and launch a new tour!  No stranger to the stage, Javier founded an R& ...

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In this day in age there are very few bands that have the components to set themselves apart from other artists and also cut through in a lasting fashion the cluttered channel ...

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DJ Shortee
Recognized as the most diverse and technically skilled female DJ in the world, Shortee's 15 year career is highlighted by an unparalleled series of firsts. Shortee is the firs ...

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Sean Murray
Being projected as one of the biggest selling pieces of media in history is a pretty big deal, especially considering the state of the economy. On November 9th 2010, Call ...

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Joe Stokes
Joe Stokes specializes in Post Production Sound and Video Editing. He worked for several years in theater as a production manager, in corporate television as a producer and la ...

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Carmen Rizzo
This Los Angeles-based producer, DJ, record label owner, and radio show host is a rapidly-rising global brand, sought after for his wide range of skills that have earned him t ...

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