Cakewalk DevXchange: Essential Resources for third-party developers

The Cakewalk DevXchange is the essential resource for third-party developers interested in creating products that are compatible with Cakewalk products or Cakewalk supported standards. Cakewalk DevXchange makes it easy to find timely, comprehensive development resources on topics such as ACT, Control Surface Support, and the SFZ file format.

The information provided on Cakewalk DevXchange is provided as-is with no warranties of any kind, and Cakewalk is under no obligation to provide any technical assistance. Several peer-only support newsgroups are available for developers who wish to discuss various issues related to creating complementary products.

Latest Additions
  • Side-chaining in SONAR In this informative whitepaper, Cakewalk CTO Noel Borthwick presents side-chaining for VST and DX plug-ins introduced in SONAR 7.
  • ACT & Control Surfaces SONAR 2.0 introduced bi-directional support for hardware control surfaces. Today many Cakewalk products support control surfaces. SONAR 6.0 introduced and integrated ACT technology into our Control Surface support, which lets a control surface "follow" a user as he navigates around SONAR and in and out of plug-ins.
  • sfz File Format rgc:audio developed the sfz file format that is used in rgc:audio and Cakewalk instruments. Check out this article if you are a sound designer and would like information about this versatile file format
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