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Having established the default settings for new files, you must also specify at what playback bit-depth you want your sound card to use. In Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings, set the Audio Driver Bit Depth to the desired value. Even if your sound card’s highest bit-depth is only 18- or 20-bits, you should try selecting an Audio Driver Bit Depth of 24 first. If you receive an error message when doing so, try selecting 20. If this also produces an error message, try selecting 18. In other words, if you want Cakewalk to operate your sound card at any bit-depth greater than 16-bits, try selecting the highest value possible in the Audio Driver Bit Depth setting, and work downward from there if you have to.
(If your sound card’s maximum bit-depth is 20-bits and you specify an Audio Driver Bit Depth of 24 as advised above, audio data will still be sampled by your sound card in 20-bit samples, but each sample will automatically be padded with extra 0’s to produce a 24-bit sample, which will be stored at full 24-bit resolution in your project file.
If necessary, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings and select one of the following options in the Stream > 16-bit data as list:
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