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Dialog box reference ► Normalize dialog

The Normalize dialog box appears when you use the Process > Apply Effect > Normalize command. This dialog box has the following controls:
Presets window. Use this window and the Save and Delete buttons that are next to it to save and manage any normalization presets that you decide to keep.
Normalize Level slider. Drag this slider up or down to control the volume of a selection so that the highest sample level reaches the level of the slider.
Percentage field. This field is linked to the Normalize Level slider. This field displays the percentage of possible normalization, from 0 to 100%.
dB field. Like the Percentage field, this field is linked to the Normalize Level slider. Typing values into this field moves the slider, just as moving the slider changes the values in this field. The dB values range from -INF (silent) to 0 dB (loudest level).
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