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Dialog box referencePreferences dialog ► Audio - Devices

The Devices section displays a two-column list of available audio drivers. You can click the corresponding check box to enable/disable a driver. Select the drivers you want to make available for recording and playback. You can change the driver name by clicking the name in the first column and typing in your preferred name, or friendly name, for the driver.
The Devices section contains the following settings:
Input Drivers. Input drivers are used for recording.
Output Drivers. Output drivers are used for playback.
Use Friendly Names to Represent Audio Drivers. If you enable this check box, the Input and Output menus in audio tracks and buses will use whatever friendly names you’ve created for your Input and Output drivers. Friendly driver names are global, not per-project.
Show Mono Outputs. Select this option if you want to assign audio track and bus outputs to individual (mono) hardware outputs in addition to stereo pairs. This is very useful, for example, if you record in Cakewalk but want to use an external mixing console to mix. When enabled, mono hardware outputs are available in all locations that display audio output ports, with the exception of the Media Browser view, Loop Construction view and Import Audio dialog box. Each available audio port exposes Left, Right and Stereo channels.
Note: The Show Mono Outputs option only affects the display of mono hardware outputs in Cakewalk; it does not affect current output port assignments on tracks and buses. Existing mono output assignments are retained even if you disable the Show Mono Outputs option.
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