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Dialog box referencePreferences dialog ► Audio - Configuration File (Advanced)

Cakewalk’s audio configuration settings are stored in a file named Aud.ini. Cakewalk provides a convenient way to edit, reload and reset the audio configuration settings.
The Configuration File section contains the following options:
Edit Config File. Click to open Aud.ini in the default Windows text editor. Make any necessary changes in Aud.ini, then save and close Aud.ini. You must click Reload Config Settings to apply any external changes to Aud.ini.
Warning: You should only change items in Aud.ini that are documented in the online Help or if you are instructed to by Cakewalk tech support. Undesirable changes to Aud.ini can result in loss of performance or malfunction of Cakewalk.
Reload Config Settings. Click to reload the current audio configuration settings from Aud.ini.
Reset Config To Defaults. Click to reset the audio configuration settings to Cakewalk’s default settings. The existing Aud.ini file is saved in case you want to restore it later.
The Properties list shows various configuration settings you can change, if necessary. When you select a property, a brief description of the property is shown below the list. You will typically only need to make any changes if you are instructed to do so by Cakewalk Technical Support.
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