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Dialog box referencePreferences dialog ► Project - AudioSnap

The AudioSnap section lets you specify various AudioSnap settings.
The AudioSnap section contains the following settings:
Pool Transient Window (ms). When you double-click a marker, not only does the marker become selected, but all markers to the right of the marker become selected if they are located less than this field’s value away from the original marker.
Convert to MIDI Note. This field lets you choose what MIDI note all the transients in the clip will be converted to.
Vary with Pulse Level. This option causes the velocities of the notes in the MIDI clip to vary with the level of the transients in the audio clip.
Set All to Same Value. This field lets you enter a velocity that all the MIDI notes in the clip will use.
Auto Fade Split Clips. Enabling this check box causes a cross fade to be added to all split clips, using a fade length in milliseconds that you set in the ms field in this section.
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