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By default, Cakewalk will make a copy of any audio data imported using the File > Import > Audio command and place the imported audio into the project’s audio folder. You can configure Cakewalk to simply reference audio from its current location if, for example, you want to import large quantities of audio data into a project and don’t want to consume time and disk space by making copies of the files. Copies are always made if the imported audio does not match the current project’s sampling rate (and if you edit any of the imported audio data). Automatic handling of imported files is enabled by default. Do not disable this option unless you are prepared to manage the audio files individually. Creating backups of your projects is very easy if all your audio is stored in a single, per-project directory.
Go to Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data.
Select the Always Copy Imported Audio Files check box to create copies of all imported audio clips as a default.
Clear the Always Copy Imported Audio Files check box to reference imported audio from its current location.
Note: You can override this setting when importing audio by checking or unchecking the Copy Audio to Project Folder option in the Import Audio dialog box.
Click OK when you are done.
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