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You can display notes on the fretboard based on the note event’s MIDI channel. (Do not confuse this with the Track MIDI channel.) A single track can hold events on many different MIDI channels. See Assigning a MIDI channel (Chn) for more information. Displaying notes using this method is 100% accurate because each string is represented by an individual MIDI channel. For example, String 1 = MIDI channel 11, String 2 = MIDI channel 12, etc.
If you want the data from all 6 strings to be recorded to a single track, set the Input to OMNI. If you want each string on a separate track, you need to set up each individual track to record on the corresponding MIDI channel. The GT-30 Guitar Synthesizer template is designed to do this, so you may want to open that from the Start Screen or from the File menu. To use the File menu method, choose File > Open and choose Cakewalk Template from the Files of type field. Then choose the Roland GT-30 Guitar Synthesizer template.
Click the Staff view Edit menu and choose Layout to open the Staff View Layout dialog box.
Click Define.
In the Method field, click MIDI Channel.
In the 1st Channel field, set Cakewalk to transmit on the same series of MIDI channels that you chose in step 1. Select 1 for 1-6, 2 for 2-7, etc.
Click Close.
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