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Software instruments ► Soft synth audio recording

Simple Instrument Tracks. Simple Instrument Tracks combine a soft synth’s MIDI input and main audio output in a single track strip. You can only record MIDI data onto a Simple Instrument Track. In order to record the soft synth’s audio output, you must record to a separate audio track.
Split Instrument Tracks. With Split Instrument Tracks, you can create a separate audio track for each of the soft synth’s available outputs, plus a single MIDI source track. You can record the soft synth’s audio output directly to the split audio tracks.
You specify the desired instrument track type in the Soft Synth Options dialog box when you insert a new soft synth. For details, see Inserting soft synths and Insert Soft Synth Options dialog.
A. Split Instrument Track icon B. Simple Instrument Track icon 
Note: It is possible to not create any tracks when you insert a soft synth, in which case the synth is only shown in the Synth Rack view (see Using the Synth Rack). In order to record audio from a soft synth that only appears in the Synth Rack, you must first insert at least one MIDI track and one audio track and assign the MIDI track output and audio track input to the soft synth. For details, see Inserting tracks.
Note: If you do not see the Input control, click the Track Control button at the top of the Track pane and choose All. For more information, see Configuring Track view controls. Also, make sure you have expanded the track fully by dragging it down.
Make sure the Enable Smart Mute option is disabled in the Synth Rack Synth Settings menu to avoid also muting any related audio tracks (see Smart Mute for Split Instrument Tracks and Muting and soloing soft synth tracks).
If you want to enable Smart Mute for Split Instrument Tracks, open the Synth Rack view, click the Synth Settings menu and select Enable Smart Mute on the drop-down menu.
Figure 434. Synth Rack view.
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