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TempoChanging tempos ► Setting the project tempo from an audio recording

Do one of the following:
[Melodyne Region FX clip only] Click the Tempo Options button in Melodyne, then select Confirm as File Tempo.
In the Select Algorithm dialog box, select the algorithm that best suits the audio material, then click OK.
Click the Set Project Tempo From Clip button on the AudioSnap palette.
Note 1: The Set Project Tempo From Clip drop-down list lets you specify at which resolution the clip’s tempo map should be copied to the project tempo. The options are as follows:
Note 2: If multiple audio clips have their Clip Timebase property set to Musical, changing the project tempo will affect the relative positions of the audio clips. When using the Set Project Tempo from Clip command, Cakewalk will offer to convert the timebase to Absolute.
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