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Frequently asked questionsAudio and MIDI FAQs ► How do I burn my projects to an Audio CD

After your tracks are converted to audio, go to Edit > Select > All to select the entire project.
Go to File > Export > Audio to open the Export Audio dialog box.
Under Filename and Location, enter a filename and select a destination folder.
Under Format, click File Type and select Wave.
Click Channel Format and select Stereo.
Click Sample Rate and select 44100.
Click Bit Depth and select 16. If you use a higher bit depth or sample rate setting it will not burn to CD properly.
Under What to Export, click Source Category and select Entire Mix.
Click Export.
Go to Utilities > Burn Audio CD.
There are also videos available on the Cakewalk website that shows you how to export audio. Please visit and click the video titled “Exporting Audio”. If you experience problems viewing the videos, try using the 32-bit version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
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