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Let's go back to the Home screenset to add a MIDI loop to the Cakewalk Sound Center track.
In the Presets drop-down menu, select MIDI Groove Clips.
Open the folder Bass, by double-clicking on it.
Open the folder Funk, by double-clicking on it.
Drag the file Funk1_bs.mid to the Cakewalk Sound Center track.
Click Play in the transport to hear the song playback with the newly added MIDI loop. The MIDI loop should be playing the same program you selected in Cakewalk Sound Center.
You can create notes of any duration. If you want 32nd notes or triplets, specify the desired Musical Time resolution in the Snap to Grid dialog box (see Snap to Grid dialog).
Figure 57. The Tools module.
DirectX > Hold down the CTRL key and click each track number to select the tracks.
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