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Introduction ► Installing SONAR

If you are installing from Cakewalk Command Center: Follow the instructions under Cakewalk Command Center. Cakewalk Command Center provides the easiest way to download and install SONAR. Simply log in with your Cakewalk account and Cakewalk Command Center automatically retrieves your serial number and simplifies the installation process.
If you are installing from a digital download: Locate the file
SONAR_[Artist/Professional/Platinum]_Build[BuildNumber].exe that was saved to your computer's hard drive and double-click on it to begin the installation.
Click the Install button.
Type your Cakewalk account user name and password, then click Connect. If you do not yet have an account, click Create Account.
Your purchased products are listed under Connected Products. Select SONAR, then click Install. Cakewalk Command Center will download and install SONAR.
Note: Cakewalk Command Center lists your purchased products under Connected Products. The color-coded lights indicate the following:
Your purchased products are listed under Connected Products. Select SONAR, then click Uninstall.
In SONAR, go to Help > Offline Activation > Export Activation Request to open the Save activation request dialog box.
SONAR saves a Activation request.crq file. This file is encrypted and machine-specific, and can only be used to activate SONAR on the machine that was originally used to create the Activation request.crq file.
Copy the Activation request.crq file to removable media, such as a USB flash drive, that you can transfer to another computer that is connected to the internet.
Upload the saved Activation request.crq file.
The Cakewalk web server generates a Activation response.dat file.
Copy the Activation response.dat file to removable media that you can transfer back to your offline SONAR computer.
In SONAR, go to Help > Offline Activation > Import Activation Response to open the Import activation response dialog box.
Select the Activation response.dat file and click Open.
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