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Figure 457. Curve EQ module.
A. Clipping LED B. Curve EQ enable/disable C. Graph D. Band enable/disable (Low, Low-Mid, Mid-High, High) 
Clipping LED. Shows if the input signal to the Curve EQ module is clipping. If there is any distortion in the MixStrip signal chain, the clipping LEDs let you identify where the clipping occurs.
Curve EQ enable/disable . Enables/disables the Curve EQ module.
Graph. Shows the equalization curve. Each band is identified by a unique color, and the sum of all bands is displayed as a white line. The EQ plot resolution is 12 dB. Adjust the equalizer by manipulating the graph. For details, see To interact with the Curve EQ graph.
Band enable/disable. Enables/disables the Low , Low-Mid , Mid-High and High bands. Enabling a band allows it to be processed with equalization. The knobs and graph curves are color-coded per band:
Figure 458. Curve EQ graph.
A. Low band B. Low-Mid band C. Mid-High band D. High band
A. Hold down the CTRL key and left-click in the source EQ plot B. While still holding down the CTRL key and left mouse button, drag the mouse cursor to the target EQ plot and release the mouse button C. The source EQ plot is copied to the target EQ plot
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