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New features ► Start Screen update

Notifications have been moved to the new Discover tab, which also shows other news about Cakewalk and SONAR, including videos, blog posts, and current promotions and special offers from Cakewalk.
Figure 6. Discover tab.
The New Project and New From Template tabs have been combined into a single New Project tab.
Figure 7. New Project tab.
If you have installed the optional SONAR Demo Projects installer via Cakewalk Command Center or from your Cakewalk store account, the Start Screen will show a new Demo Projects tab that lists all installed demo projects.
By default, the Recent Projects tab shows a screenshot of each project. You can easily use your own custom artwork by importing an image in SONAR’s (Browser) Notes tab. Custom images are now scaled to fit properly in the Start Screen. For details, see Using the Notes Browser.
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