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In our previous reviews for the HP EliteBook and Z Series Workstations we touched upon the HP Performance Advisor and how it was a great value added feature. This handy little application is a simple and effective way to keep your system updated and set for the best performance. The Advisor can automatically update itself, your drivers, and application specific BIOS configurations quickly and efficiently. Not only does it offer an easy to access configuration menu but it can help lead to less down time.

If you're a previous HP workstation customer you may think this sounds familiar and you would be right. The HP Performance Advisor is a completely revamped and overhauled version of the previous HP Performance Tuning Framework Software. Inheriting the similar styles of the HP SkyRoom and HP Support Assistant applications in the process.

After a close collaboration between Cakewalk's DAW Labs and the workstation development team over at HP we settled upon an optimized performance profile for all flavors of SONAR X1. It won't matter if you have Essential, Studio, or the full featured Producer version, you will be covered. Gone are the days of scouring the internet for system tweaks and dubious advice in regards to system configurations. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Real time performance graphs to help in system stability and performance adjustments.
  • Preloaded configurations for industry leading production oriented software.
  • Simple and straight forward visual interface
  • Full System Graphical Overview
  • Automatic Driver and Software update assistance

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