Bonus 20GB of Gobbler storage free with SONAR X3

Buy any version of SONAR X3 before December 31, 2013 and get a bonus 20GB of Gobblers storage for 6 months.  All SONAR X3 customers qualify for a free Gobbler account with 5GB of storage to use as long as they like. Early adopters will receive a code that will entitle the user to a free 6-month 20GB boost (total 25GB for 6 months).  No credit card required.  The user will be notified as the end of the free period approaches.  When the 6 months end, the user will have the option to upgrade to a paid account or downgrade to the free 5GB plan.  If a user has more than 5GB stored on Gobbler, and he/she chooses not to upgrade, the account will be frozen until the total amount of data stored is reduced to the free level.

Where to buy:

New customers can purchase SONAR X3 online and in stores worldwide: Find a retailer near you

Existing users can purchase SONAR X3 upgrades on the Cakewalk Store.

How to redeem:
You must first register your copy of SONAR X3. If you do not have Cakewalk Store account, you will need to create an account using the same email you entered for your SONAR X3 registration. Once you create your Cakewalk Store account, proceed to the My Account section and go to "My Registered Products" where you will see a redemption code for your 20GB Gobbler upgrade. Please allow up to 48 hours after you completed this process for your code to appear in your store account.


What is Gobbler? - The Creative Cloud for Musicians
Tired of lost files, failed hard drives, corrupt projects, and long waits while you send that session to your bandmate or engineer?  Gobbler makes managing all of your audio projects a piece of cake.  Locate, backup, and transfer your work without ever interrupting your creative flow; It’s the studio assistant you never have to feed!  The only cloud purpose-built for and by audio professionals, Gobbler works automatically with all your favorite music software, so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. 

“Gobbler is the nearly perfect backup, transfer, and organizational tool for managing media project files and assets.  Most importantly, it never interrupts your workflow.” 
 - Russ Long, Pro Audio Review

Organize Your Projects
Know exactly what’s sitting on those hard drives in the closet.  Scan and locate all of your projects, no matter where they are. 

Back Up
Protect yourself from drive failures and other disasters with secure, automatic, off-site back ups.  Always up to date and easy to access in a pinch. 

Send any file size or type faster and safer than you ever imagined.  Collaborate with anyone, anywhere and never worry about missing or corrupt files.

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