Complete SONAR X2 Video Giveaway

SWA SONAR X2 Complete Video Giveaway:

Now you can become a SONAR X2 expert thanks to the SWA Complete SONAR X2 Video. From April 1st to April 30th, when you purchase or upgrade to SONAR X2 Essential, SONAR X2 Studio, or SONAR X2 Producer, you will get SWA Complete SONAR X2 free of charge ($40 value). Featuring over 9 hours of video tutorials, SWA Complete SONAR X2 offers the most comprehensive look at SONAR X2 to date.  Keep reading for more details.

Eligibility: All customers who purchase and register SONAR X2 or an upgrade between April 1st and April 30th will be eligible to receive the free Complete SONAR X2 Video free of charge. 

Where to buy:

New customers: Find a retailer near you

Upgraders: Visit the Cakewalk Store or find a retailer

How to redeem:
 If you purchase from the Cakewalk Store, SWA Complete SONAR X2 will automatically be included with your order. If you purchased from one of our worldwide retailers, you will need to create a store account using the same email you entered for your SONAR X2 registration (you must register the product first). Once you create your Cakewalk Store account, proceed to the My Account section and go to "My Registered Products" where you will see the new video tutorial (please allow up to 24 hours after registration for the videos to appear in your store account).

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