Farewell Letter from Greg Hendershott

When I started Cakewalk in 1987, I didn't know where it would lead or how long it would last. Time flew fast! As of last month, it's been 25 years.

As I approached that 25th anniversary, I took time to reflect. If I'm lucky enough to have another 10 or 20 years of productive life, would I probably want to try something meaningfully different?

I also considered what would be positive for the company. New leadership can preserve the best of a company's culture and values, while also bringing new energy and ideas. The organization can benefit tremendously.

As a result, I've decided the time is right for me to retire from Cakewalk, effective July 1, 2012. Although I will pursue other opportunities, I will remain available to consult for awhile, as needed.

In my place, Michael Hoover, currently our executive vice president of products, will assume the role of president. I'm confident that Michael is the president Cakewalk needs for its many years ahead.

I want to thank everyone I've had the opportunity to work with - I learned something valuable from every one of you, and will treasure the experiences.

Most of all, I want to thank our amazing customers. Without you, Cakewalk would not exist today. Your support and feedback has made everything possible. I feel good knowing that you will continue to support Cakewalk, as will I.

2012 is shaping up to be a very big year for Cakewalk. There are exciting product announcements on the horizon. When the time is right, Michael Hoover and the Cakewalk team will share them with you.

Thank you.

With warmest regards,

Greg Hendershott
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