Free VKFX ProChannel Module with SONAR X3 Studio & Producer

Buy SONAR X3 Studio or Producer through November 30, 2013 and receive a free Delay effect module for ProChannel from Overloud.  All customers who have purchased and registered SONAR X3 Studio and Producer qualify for the free download.

Overloud VKFX (Vintage Keyboard FX) is a virtual rack packed with outstanding models of vintage analog effect processors. All 8 VST / ProChannel Modules are available individually and also included in the VKFX bundle.

The FREE VKFX Delay module harkens back to the days of tape echo. The original tape echo effect was created by recording an input signal to tape via a tape head and then replaying that signal through another tape head. By placing several heads at different distances along the tape path, they were also able to create different syncopations of delay depending on which heads were monitored.

One feature of tape delays which was lost in the digital move forward was the effect on the sound of the tape itself. In tape delays, the signal is delayed by keeping it on the magnetic tape for a time. For every repetition of the delay, the signal is recorded to and played back from the tape. The more repetitions, the more intense is the effect of the tape on the sound.

The VKFX delay utilises an intelligent tape simulation algorithm which reproduces both the compression effects and frequency response of analogue tape for each repetition of the delayed signal.

Where to buy:

New customers can purchase SONAR X3 online and in stores worldwide: Find a retailer near you

Existing users can purchase SONAR X3 upgrades on the Cakewalk Store.

How to redeem:
You must first register your copy of SONAR X3 Studio or Producer. If you do not have Cakewalk Store account, you will need to create an account using the same email you entered for your SONAR X3 registration. Once you create your Cakewalk Store account, proceed to the My Account section and go to "My Registered Products" where you will see a redemption code for your free VKFX Delay module. Please allow up to 48 hours after you completed this process for your code to appear in your store account.


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