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Cakewalk has been testing SONAR from early Windows 7 Betas right through to the latest Release Candidates, and we are pleased to recommend Windows 7 as a platform for SONAR 8.5. Additionally, SONAR 8.5 was evaluated at an independent Microsoft application compatibility lab and officially passed the rigorous Win7 compatibility testing.

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Windows 7 and Audio Production News and Articles

Obsessive Windows 7 Under-the-Hood Guide for Music
Composer, musician, media artist, educator, technology writer, and the creator and editor of Create Digital Music, Peter Kirn dives head first into Windows 7. Peter talks about the new features, Windows 7 versus Windows Vista, and much more. Read More

How Windows 7 Will Effect Your Music Production
Cakewalk Chief Technical Officer Noel Borthwick, a noted expert on Windows platforms, covers crucial topics around the introduction of Windows 7, such as compatibility with Cakewalk products, issues in upgrading from Windows XP and related points of interest for PC users. Read More

Windows 7 Improvements to Help Audio Recording
CNET blogger Matt Rosoff, posted his thoughts on how Windows 7 will make the art of audio production on PC easier. Additionally, Matt cites Cakewalk's own Noel Borthwick in his brief review. Read More

Windows 7: Should You Upgrade Your Music PC?
Music Radar's Ben Rogerson takes a look at Windows 7 to determine whether or not it's a sound investment for people using their PCs primarily for music creation. Read More

Cakewalk Windows 7 Drivers - updated 10/23/2009

For information on driver forward-compatibility, please contact technical support

3rd Party Hardware Products with Windows 7 Drivers:

Most companies are currently testing for official Windows 7 compatibility though our research has shown that many Vista drivers, while not yet officially supported, are in fact Windows 7 friendly*. For more information, we recommend contacting your hardware manufacturer from the links below.

* Please note that Windows 7 friendly drivers and software are not yet officially supported by their respective manufacturers, but are likely to work with most system configurations.

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