Release date: Tuesday, June 8, 2004

UmixIt and Cakewalk® Transform Music Industry with Business and Technology Agreement

—UmixIt's Innovation Provides Exciting Interactive Music Experience For Consumers While Simultaneously Protecting Artist's Intellectual Property; Powered By SONAR™ 3, Proprietary Cakewalk Technologies, and Windows® Media 9 Series To Offer Consumers Unparalleled Sound Quality While Preserving DRM—

NEW YORK, NY, June 8, 2004—UmixIt Technologies, a joint venture between Enterprise Golden Hawk, LLC and Webster Hall Records, today announced a business and technology alliance with Cakewalk, leading developer and publisher of the world's best-selling music and sound software for Windows®. Cakewalk will power the revolutionary UmixIt technology that lets music buyers make their own mixes of songs by their favorite artists—using Microsoft's® latest digital rights technology to ensure that artist copyrights are 100% protected.

"Working in close coordination with Cakewalk to provide the engine that powers UmixIt's unique interactive music experience is a thrill," said Lon Ballinger, principle owner of Webster Hall. "A business and technology alliance with the maker of the best selling music and sound software for Windows ensures that our interactive technology can be delivered to music fans in a user friendly and secure application."

As a provider of content, UmixIt delivers music in a patented format that provides discrete, eight channel, multi-track music that allows the consumer to select any of 8 tracks and create their own mix. Place a UmixIt-enabled CD in a standard Windows personal computer, and the listener's computer becomes a full-fledged music studio for remixing their favorite hits with no extra hardware necessary. Any element of the music, the keyboard part, the vocal, guitar, anything, can be removed, lowered, or accentuated. The combinations are endless, determined only by the imagination of the music fan.

A UmixIt CD is a mixed-mode CD consisting of traditional audio tracks that the customer can play in a CD or DVD player, along with the Cakewalk Media Mixer™ software and 8 individual tracks of a particular artist's song. All the tracks have been encoded using a proprietary Cakewalk tool that performs Windows Media 9 Series encoding to ensure the highest sound quality, and seamlessly applies the latest in Microsoft's user-friendly digital rights management. Cakewalk's industry-acclaimed SONAR 3 digital audio workstation is the core technology for the Cakewalk Media Mixer, which provides the consumer with a simple and clean user interface to perform their UmixIt edits and mixes with ease.

"We are excited to take technologies usually available only to professional studios and present them in a way that's accessible to all music fans," commented Michael Hoover, VP of Products and Marketing for Cakewalk. "We take great pride in our involvement with UmixIt, empowering artists to offer a new, exciting experience to their fans without concerns of piracy," added Hoover.

SONAR 3 is the industry-standard digital audio workstation (DAW) for Windows-based PCs. SONAR 3 extends creativity with fast, intuitive controls that capture and excite inspiration; precise tools for accurate, effective real-time editing; and unparalleled customization, allowing for the fine-tuning of the studio to match workflow.

The new UmixIt-encoded technology powered by Cakewalk is already being demonstrated by three artists on new CD or EP releases. They include the Warp Brothers' TranzWorld dance music release; up and coming rockers, Man With Van; and Uunique, a developing pop vocalist.

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