Release date: Thursday, January 20, 2005

Cakewalk® Announces Free 4.0.2 Maintenance Release For SONAR™ Audio Production Environment

WINTER NAMM (Booth 6800), Anaheim, CA, (January 20, 2005)—Cakewalk, developer of the leading music and sound software for Windows, today announces a maintenance release for SONAR, the definitive audio production environment on the Windows platform. The free SONAR 4.0.2 maintenance release for both SONAR 4 Producer Edition and SONAR 4 Studio Edition is now available for download at

The SONAR 4.0.2 maintenance release highlights:

  • Control Surface interface now supports metering and other enhancements that improve performance allowing extended control over SONAR's recording, editing and mixing operations. Control surface plug-in updates included for ADStech RedRover, CM Labs MotorMix, Mackie Universal Control, and Mackie C4.
  • OMF import file improvements for cross platform compatibility with user selectable sample rate and bit depth; the ability to read OMF files authored by Avid and Pro Tools systems that contain NEST and TRANSITION constructs.
  • Other enhancements: Cakewalk VST Adapter performance update to decrease plug-in insert "load" time and send NRPN events directly to VSTi synths; faster "one pass" QuickTime export, also enhanced to require significantly less disk space; export of multi-channel audio to external command-line encoders; the ability to specify whether track/bus mute and solo should affect pre-fader sends.

The SONAR 4.0.2 maintenance release is a direct result of active dialog with our users. We view timely product updates as an example of Cakewalk's commitment to the very best in product support for our customers.


The SONAR 4.0.2 maintenance release is now available for download. Registered SONAR 4 users can download the SONAR 4.0.2 maintenance release for free at SONAR 4 Producer Edition has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $959 U.S. (MSRP); SONAR 4 Studio Edition is $479 U.S. (MSRP). For more information, visit Cakewalk at WINTER NAMM Booth 6800; Cakewalk on the web at; or call 888-CAKEWALK (617-423-9004 outside U.S.)
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