Release date: Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Cakewalk® Releases Spanish Language Version of SONAR™ 4 Producer Edition and Studio Edition

MUSIKMESSE 2005, (Hall 5.1, Stand C 65), Frankfurt, Germany (06 April, 2005) — Due to popular demand Cakewalk, developer of the leading music and sound software for Windows , is pleased to announce the release of Spanish language versions of SONAR 4 Producer Edition and Studio Edition.

SONAR Producer Edition has a well-earned reputation for delivering powerful production tools in a fast, streamlined user interface. With new version 4, Cakewalk has added powerful recording, editing, comping and navigation tools that optimize workflow for today's professional. In addition, version 4 combines innovative surround and AV capabilities along with precise engineering tools, making SONAR 4 Producer Edition the definitive audio production environment on the Windows platform.

SONAR 4 Producer Edition's new features include:

  • Track Folders with the ability edit the Track Folder Composite Clip
  • Enhanced comping and editing features including track layer display options; clip muting/isolating; audition selection; customizable nudge; multi-clip slip edits, roll-outs, and fades
  • Freeze tracks, effects, and synths with the ability to edit and arrange frozen data
  • Loop construction enhancements including slice-based, envelope control of gain, pitch, pan
  • Navigator view
  • Extended Key Binding enhancements including keystroke-emulating templates for Cubase SX, Nuendo, Logic, Digital Performer, Samplitude, Pro Tools, and other DAWs
  • Multi-format surround mixing and editing with over 30 supported configurations (5.1, 7.1, LCRS, etc)
  • Lexicon® Pantheon™ Surround Reverb
  • Sonitus Surround Compressor
  • SurroundBridge™—easily use stereo effects in a surround environment
  • Video Thumbnail track with support for QuickTime, Windows Media Video, AVI, MPEG
  • Extensive export options with useful and configurable presets
  • POW-r Dithering
  • MPEX3 Time Scaling
  • TTS-1 DXi multitimbral GM2 synthesizer with authentic Roland sounds
  • Configurable RMS and Peak Meter ballistics
  • More

SONAR 4 Producer Edition key features include:

Record, edit, arrange and mix unlimited tracks of audio and MIDI, Cutting edge mix environment with multi-format surround, 32-bit floating point audio engine, full plug-in delay compensation, flexible bussing; dynamic console view; per-channel EQ; assignable FX controls, support for ReWire 1.0 & 2.0 clients; support for VST effects & instruments; Universal Bus Architecture; advanced MIDI routing & synth layering; powerful looping tools with Cyclone DXi, ACID loop and MIDI groove clip support; OMFI and Broadcast WAV import/export for collaboration with other studios; Sonitus: fx Suite; Lexicon® Pantheon™ Reverb; support for all Windows-compatible audio hardware via ASIO or WDM, and much more.

SONAR 4 Studio Edition

SONAR 4 Studio Edition is a special version of SONAR 4 designed for project studios and aspiring professionals. Studio Edition is built upon the same core engine and feature set of SONAR 4 Producer Edition. NOTE: SONAR 4 Studio Edition does not have the following features found in SONAR 4 Producer Edition: surround mixing and editing, Lexicon Pantheon Surround Reverb, Sonitus Surround Compressor, Sonitus:fx Suite, enhanced mixing console with assignable fx controls and per-channel EQ, Video Thumbnail track, POW-r Dithering, MPEX3 Time Scaling.

Pricing and Availability

Europe 's average suggested retail price for SONAR 4 Producer Edition is €629; SONAR 4 Studio Edition is €299. For more information, contact Roland Iberia, visit Cakewalk on the web at; or call 888-CAKEWALK (617-423-9004 outside U.S.).

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