Release date: Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cakewalk® Releases Z3TA+ 1.5 Update

—Free download for registered customers includes Native Windows Vista® Support; Stand-alone mode; x64-bit DXi and VSTi 2.4 Windows support; Advanced MIDI Learn functionality; more—

MUSIKMESSE, Frankfurt, Germany, (28 March, 2007) — Cakewalk, the world's leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today announces availability of a free update for Z3TA+, the most powerful waveshaping synthesizer available today. The Z3TA+ 1.5 Update is available free as a download for registered customers at

Native Windows Vista® support (fully Windows Vista compliant, in all Vista editions)

Now supports x64 binaries

Z3TA+ now ships with x64 binaries for DXi and VSTi formats, for use in compatible x64 hosts such as SONAR. On x64 based systems running the 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Z3TA+ 1.5 users wll experience improved processor efficiency in comparison with earlier versions of Z3TA+.

New stand-alone mode

Z3TA+ can now function as a stand-alone instrument in all versions of Windows making it the perfect go-to synth for live performance. Stand-alone mode functionality works in Windows XP, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64.

Real-time and off-line playback quality selectors

Z3TA+ now allows you to define individual playback quality settings for real-time and for off-line processing; and provides auto-activation of over-sampling while rendering.

Import MIDI file to Arpeggiator function

Z3TA+ can now import any MIDI files directly into the arpeggiator; MIDI file reference data is stored with the program, allowing for instant program recall.

Optimized Arpeggiator Engine

Z3TA+'s Arpeggiator Engine was optimized for reduced CPU usage. On average large patches using multiple oscillators will see up to 50% reduction in CPU load.

New MIDI Learn functionality

MIDI Learn has been enhanced to provide the most powerful MIDI Learn implementation available and only found in Cakewalk Instruments synthesizers. The new MIDI Learn features include:

  • Add/Remove MIDI Control - Controls can now be manually added to or removed from the list.
  • Per-Control Min/Max/Reverse - In addition to the per-parameter Min/Max/Reverse available in previous versions of Z3TA+, each parameter can now be assigned to multiple controls, and each control can have its own Min/Max/Reverse values.
  • Multiple MIDI Configurations - Z3TA+ now offers ten different user-definable MIDI configurations. This feature is ideal for adapting Z3TA+ to multiple hardware rigs without having to remap every control.

About Z3TA+

Combining power, elegance, control, and unbeatable sounds, Z3TA+ is the most powerful real-time, waveshaping synthesizer ever to hit the market. Z3TA+ was Cakewalk’s synth architect René Ceballos’s first product to harness the power of the unrivaled non-aliasing Expression Engine™.
A hallmark of the unparalleled sound quality and creativity found exclusively in the Cakewalk Instruments line, the Expression Engine provides the most advanced and exciting modulation systems available today.


The free Z3TA+ 1.5 update is available to registered Z3TA+ customers at Z3TA+ has an estimated street price of $99 U.S. and is available at select music and sound retailers around the world. Z3TA+ is also available direct from the Cakewalk online store for $139 U.S. as a boxed version or download. For more information call 888-CAKEWALK, +1 (617) 423-9004 outside U.S., or visit Cakewalk on the web at

Availability outside the US

The free Z3TA+ 1.5 update is available to registered Z3TA+ customers at Z3TA+ is available through Roland and Edirol distribution partners. In Europe the estimated street price for Z3TA+ is €99 inc VAT.

For localized pricing and availability visit:

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