Release date: Friday, December 9, 2011

Cakewalk® Announces Softube Mix Bundle now available in SONAR™ X1 Producer Expanded ProChannel Module Format

—Special Pricing & Availability at through January 2012—

Boston, MA, (December  9, 2011) — Cakewalk, the world's leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today announces availability of the critically acclaimed Softube Mix Bundle in SONAR X1 Producer Expanded module format.

The Softube Mix Bundle is a collection of five essential tools that give you full control over the key elements of building any mix—compression, equalization, and reverb.  Now SONAR X1 Producer Expanded users can add these expertly crafted plug-ins to their arsenal of ProChannel modules.

The Softube Mix Bundle includes both ProChannel Modules for use in 32-bit & 64-bit versions of SONAR X1 Producer Expanded and VST format for use in SONAR X1 Producer, Studio, and Essential as well, as with other VST host applications.

ProChannel module and VSTs include:

  • TSAR-1R Reverb is based on a powerful, proprietary modern reverb algorithm. It is a vibrant, natural sounding reverb fashioned with an exceptionally accessible interface—three knobs give you fast, immediate control over a wide range of ambient spaces.
  • Passive Equalizer is based on a famous German 60s era, three-band passive console equalizer that features wide bandwidth and unsurpassed clear and open sound.
  • Active Equalizer is modern active design based on Swiss hardware from the 70s. Three bands of EQ, each with selectable gain, frequency, and bandwidth, plus 18dB/Oct high and low cut filters, providing tight and focused sound.
  • Focusing Equalizer employs Softube’s untraditional take on equalizers, with the low, mid, and high bands moving automatically and musically in relation to the high and low cut filters. Also includes filters from the Passive and Active Equalizers, all with one-knob saturation control.
  • FET Compressor is a fresh spin on a classic, complete with parallel compression, detector filters, look-ahead function, and external sidechain.

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded provides flexible drag & drop routing and delivers fully modular capability where any combination of installed modules are available on any channel and favorite combinations can be set as default for tracks and busses. SONAR X1 Producer Expanded is required for use of ProChannel Modular versions of the Softube Mix Bundle.

SONAR X1 Producer Expanded modules include: ProChannel EQ, PC76 U-Type Compressor, PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor, ProChannel Tube Saturation, and Softube Saturation Knob. Additional modules available are the PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate, PC4K S-Type Channel Compressor and now the Softube Mix Bundle.


For a Limited time through January 31, 2012, all Cakewalk product customers (*SONAR X1 Producer Expanded necessary for use of ProChannel Module versions), can save 40% off the regular price and download the Softube Mix bundle for $179/€149/£125 (vat inclusive) from the Cakewalk store. Starting February 2012 the Softube Mix Bundle including ProChannel Module and VST versions will be available at retail from authorized Softube dealers.


About Softube

Softube makes professional audio effects plug-ins. Specializing in modeling of classic hardware, Softube's catalogue includes cooperation with Tube-Tech, Tonelux, Trident Audio, Summit Audio, Valley People, and other legendary hardware manufacturers. For more information, including free demo downloads, please visit

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