Release date: Monday, November 2, 2015

Cakewalk® Releases New “Jamaica Plain” SONAR Update

— SONAR “Jamaica Plain” release enhances the software’s Universal Routing Technology, adds real-time Plug-in upsampling, and includes workflow and performance improvements —
Boston, MA, (October 29, 2015) – Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, announces the new “Jamaica Plain” release for SONAR Artist, Professional and Platinum versions. This is the ninth in a monthly series of “Rolling Updates” that reflect Cakewalk’s continuing commitment to deliver new, world-class technology every month to SONAR users. 

“Jamaica Plain” introduces “Patch Points” and “Aux Tracks” as groundbreaking new additions to SONAR’s Universal Routing Technology. Users can now route audio from audio tracks, sends and buses, into other audio tracks, with the option to record the audio in real time at the destination track. This allows for recording real-time control gestures that can’t be automated, capturing randomized effects and synthesizer sounds and more functions. Aux Tracks complement Patch Points by offering flexible signal routing capabilities for splitting, merging, summing, submixing, organizing and controlling these multiple track configurations.

Building on the “Foxboro” update’s Upsample on Render feature, SONAR now introduces Upsample on Playback. Some plug-ins derive audible benefits from processing at higher sample rates, which can eliminate foldover distortion; upsampling technology provides those same benefits even in lower 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz projects. Now, users can do real-time previews of upsampling and easily compare the results to non-upsampled sounds.

Bill Jackson, SONAR Product Manager, states, “'Jamaica Plain' is a monumental release in our ongoing commitment to SONAR’s user community. We quietly started developing Universal Routing Technology behind the scenes to answer our customers’ requests for more flexible routing options. Patch Points and Aux Tracks build on the introduction of real-time synth recording in this past September update. The enhanced workflow will not only appeal to current SONAR users, but users of other DAWs and older SONAR versions will also be taking a very close look at what’s now on offer with the new SONAR.” 

For more information on the many performance and workflow enhancements in this update, please see the free SONAR Membership Release eZine. Click here to learn more about the new SONAR “Jamaica Plain” release, and see a preview of what’s planned for the near future.

The SONAR “Jamaica Plain” update, a free download from the Cakewalk Command Center, is available to all current SONAR Artist, Professional and Platinum customers. All three SONAR versions are available globally through music and sound retailers, Valve’s Steam Store, and the Cakewalk Store. Please visit for complete version details and localized pricing/availability options from our distribution partners.

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