Record Audio and MIDI

Meet your new recording studio

Whether you play guitar, piano, bass, or sing, recording your songs has never been easier. Just plug in directly to your computer or Windows-compatible audio interface, hit record, and start capturing your musical ideas. Then use the award-winning Skylight user interface to arrange, edit, and mix your music. Music Creator 7 even includes project templates and videos to get you up and running quickly.

Hi-Def Control Bar

Total control at your fingertips

Regardless of screen size, the new Hi-Def Control Bar makes it even easier to access your most frequently used controls. With clearer text, and better auto spacing, the new Control Bar makes creating music an absolute joy on the eyes. And with dynamic resizing, your Control Bar will always look good regardless of your PC screen's resolution.

Virtual Instruments

Your band is here

Music Creator 7 includes 6 realistic virtual instruments that can help you reach the full potential of your song ideas. The Studio Instruments Suite features four different instruments that create the perfect band: Bass, Electric Piano, Drums, and Strings. What's more, Roland’s TTS-1 synth includes genuine Roland sounds - everything from synthesizers to orchestral strings. And, Cakewalk Sound Center includes over 150 instruments and accepts additional expansion packs (available separately).

  • drums
  • bass
  • piano
  • strings
  • sound center
  • tts-1
Sound Center

Virtual Onscreen Controller

No keyboard? No problem

Programming MIDI synth lines and beats has never been more fun, thanks to the new onscreen virtual MIDI controller—play your parts right from your touch screen with any multi-touch compatible monitor or PC. You can also use any QWERTY keyboard, so you don’t need to carry around a separate hardware MIDI controller.

Introducing the MixStrip

Dial in a masterful mix

The new MixStrip, integrated directly into Music Creator’s Track View, makes it easy to achieve superior mixes in less time. The MixStrip includes the built-in, high-quality Curve EQ on every track, and the new Style Dial FX offer speedy, one-knob access to the most commonly used effects including:


Transparent track leveler and compressor for everyday use


Dynamically shaped ambience control for small to huge sounds


Tube warmth mixed in with modern amp overdrive

Guitar Amp and Effects

The power to plug in and play

Overloud’s TH2 Creator brings acclaimed amp modeling technology to Music Creator 7. Whether you want a bone-crushing riff, shimmering rhythm part, or blistering lead, TH2 Creator’s 3 amps, 4 cabinets, 5 pedals, and mics dish out the big, lifelike tones and expressive playability you crave. Plug in, turn up, rock out—or throw on headphones and record anytime, anywhere.

Enter the Matrix

Real-time groove mixing and remixing

Load your audio and MIDI loops, phrases, and one-shots into cells and columns, then trigger them in real time—it's like merging performing and recording. Best of all, it's fun: Whether you're composing new arrangements, creating remixes on the fly, or just getting out of a creative rut, the Matrix is the answer—and you can capture the entire performance onto tracks in Music Creator. Tweak it, mix it, and arrange it until it's exactly what you want.

Improved Audio Editing

Smarter, faster, simpler

Music Creator 7 now features Cakewalk's unique "speed comping," so you can assemble a perfect performance from multiple takes with a simple swipe of the mouse – ideal for vocals and guitar solos. And you’ll be clicking less than ever thanks to the Smart Tool, which adapts to your workflow - whether you're editing audio or MIDI data. Also, editing is a snap with the Smart Grid—which automatically sets the snap resolution and visual grid line to match the current zoom level.

Music Creator editing

Enhanced MIDI Editing

Paint your perfect part

The only variable separating you from your creativity is time, and the Pattern Tool—which sits in the Smart Tool palette for instant access—is all about saving time. Forget cut and paste: Simply select and paint MIDI loops and patterns across the Piano Roll View and Track View. In addition, Music Creator now allows for MIDI time-stretching, velocity layering, and additional functionality to simplify MIDI editing even further. And it's all wrapped in a brand new Piano Roll View with improved zoom that makes editing MIDI a piece of cake.

Step Sequencer

Create beats in a flash

From minimal to maniacal, build beats in classic fashion with Music Creator 7’s groove-churning Step Sequencer. Move fast with Auto Populate, then tweak patterns down to their very core with per-lane and per-step flam, offset, swing, and probability control. Launch it from any softsynth window, and immediately start creating rhythm patterns that do mean a thing.


Pro mixing at your fingertips

Control volume, pan, EQ, effects and more using Music Creator’s Console View – a faithful emulation of the hardware-based, vintage mixing consoles that are the heart of professional studios. See your tracks and levels at a glance, and take advantage of built-in EQ on every track—as well as 18 audio and MIDI effects—to hone the perfect sound.

Share Your Music with the World

Upload your songs to your favorite sites

It’s easy to share songs with friends, family, and fans: Just upload your finished songs from Music Creator directly to SoundCloud, a free online service for sharing music. From there, you can post your music on your Facebook or Twitter page. Or, share your music in a more traditional fashion by printing musical notation for live performance

Do More with Your PC

Optimized for VST3 and Windows 7/8

Making music with apps is fun, but a Windows PC home studio with Music Creator 7 offers far more power and flexibility.

  • Processing power for more tracks to capture your ideas fully
  • View your music with larger screens or multiple screens
  • Add an audio interface or MIDI controller for even more capabilities
  • Add popular VST3 synths and effects from Cakewalk and other companies
  • Bring your projects to other DAWs, like SONAR
  • Receive free email support
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