Two Worlds Collide

SONAR X1: The best of both worlds

There are lots of ways to make music - from precise, deliberate composition to live performance and freeform improvisation. You might want traditional, linear multi-tracking or you might want to just experiment and jam. The good news is you don’t have to choose. Merging the realtime, experimental approach of loop and phrase based composition with traditional, linear multi-track style production, SONAR X1 is specifically designed to offer the best of both worlds.

Below are some of the ways you can use the creative workflow steps in SONAR X1. Each section is a step in building a song so make sure to check out each video and detail page to learn more about using these two styles of workflow in SONAR X1 and see a song created from start to finish.

Studio composition with the Step Sequencer

The Step Sequencer is a staple of electronic music and SONAR has one of the best available in any DAW. Completely integrated and immediately available from any softsynth, simply point and click to enter steps and use the built-in controls to dial in just the right feel.

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The World of Step Sequencing

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Creating Step Sequencer Patterns

Using loops for studio composition and live performance

Just about any style of music uses loops these days and all versions of SONAR X1 come packed with over 3,000 MIDI, Wave and REX loops from content providers like Sample Magic and Loopmasters. Use loops in the Matrix View, with softsynths and directly in the Track View.

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The World of Loops

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Working with MIDI and Audio Loops

Live performance and studio composition using the Matrix

Break free from laying out song parts with your mouse in the Track View. The Matrix offers a modern, non-linear approach to composition. Fill it with any combination of loops, phrases, and one-shot samples and then perform these parts in realtime with flexible live triggering modes. Experiment with endless combinations and possibilities - and then capture the results directly to the Track View.

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The World of the Matrix

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Matrix performance and record

Using soft synths for studio composition

SONAR X1 comes loaded with literally thousands of inspiring and useful instrument sounds. You can Insert a softsynth by just dragging it from the Browser and many of SONAR X1’s softsynths come with a library of MIDI patterns that you can drag and drop directly to the Track View for quick and easy arrangement of instrument parts.

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The World of Soft Synths in the Studio

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Working with soft synths and MIDI patterns

Recording in the studio

Whether you are working on hip-hop, rock or electronica, at some point in the production process you will probably want to record a live instrument or voice. Thanks to SONAR X1's flexible workflow, you can add audio tracks and buses and change routing anytime inspiration strikes. SONAR X1 delivers pristine sound quality with Studio and Producer versions featuring the 64-bit Double Precision Audio Engine for unsurpassed audio fidelity.

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The World of Recording

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Recording Audio Tracks

Production tools for studio composition

A wide world of editing and production possibilities awaits you. The Smart Tool enables smooth and creative editing by automatically offering up just the right tool for the job, no matter which view you are working in. An outstanding collection of versatile and intuitive effects processors is built right in, from the Essential Effects suite to Producer's epic ProChannel. Full automation of every control gives life to a mix and a modern, professional sound to your music.

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The World of Effects

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Effects, Editing and Automation

Live performance and studio composition using soft synths

Just like capturing audio, recording and performing with softsynths is fast and easy. SONAR X1 has literally thousands of instrument sounds to suit any musical need. Tweak controls, add audio and MIDI effects, use the built-in Arpeggiator and capture the entire performance - all in realtime.

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The World of Synth Performance

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Performing and recording soft synths

Crossgrade to SONAR X1 Producer for $299

Through June 30th, 2012, owners of the following products can crossgrade to SONAR X1 Producer for only $299 at select worldwide dealers:

  • Avid Pro Tools (any version)
  • Presonus Studio One (any version)
  • Propellerheads Reason or Record (any version)
  • Cubase (any version)
  • Ableton Live (any version)

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