Addictive Drums

It's habit forming.

The full version of Addictive Drums now ships with SONAR X3 Producer, and it will change your recordings forever. When it comes to fast load times, flexibility, and professional sounds, Addictive Drums is the model of efficiency in modern plugin design. Once you hear the 100+ high quality presets and thousands of MIDI rhythms recorded by pro drummers, you’ll know why Addictive Drums is the Producer’s choice. Watch the video

Producer Exclusive

Lounge Lizard Session

Take the high Rhode.

Lounge Lizard Session embodies the true sounds and characteristics of the classic Rhodes electric pianos, and now SONAR X3 Producer comes with this legendary instrument. Watch the video

Producer Exclusive

Strum Acoustic Session

No guitar? No problem.

Experience the sound and feel of an acoustic guitar right from your keyboard with Strum Acoustic Session. This is the most convincing physically modelled acoustic guitar on the market. Strum and voice chords and harmonies all without needing to pick up a guitar. Watch the video

Producer Exclusive

Overloud TH2 guitar amp sim

Play it loud.

Overloud brings their critically acclaimed amp modeling technology to SONAR with Overloud TH2 SONAR and Overloud TH2 Producer (only in SONAR X3 Producer). From chunk to funk, TH2 has it covered with big, lifelike tone and expressive playability. Whether it's a crushing riff, shimmering rhythm part, or blistering lead, with over 10 amps to choose from and authentic, manufacturer approved models of classic gear, TH2 dishes the tone you crave. Plug it in. Turn it up.

cabinet mics

Mic your cabinets for
the ultimate tone

classic amps

Classic amps from
names you trust

stomp boxes

TH2 Producer includes
stompboxes and rack FX

A world of instruments

Your new bandmates.

A lot of DAWs feel like empty studios. Lots of tracks and editing tools, but not much to actually make music with. SONAR on the other hand is a virtual studio packed with instruments. The flagship SONAR X3 Producer contains a total of 23 distinct virtual instruments. From the encyclopedic sound library of Dimension Pro to the raw power of Rapture and Z3TA+, there are literally thousands of patches ready to be explored. Session Drummer 3, now included with every version of SONAR X3, is on skins with detailed acoustic kits and authentic, classic rhythm machines. Save favorite sounds and even complex stacks and layers with Track Templates and recall them instantly with simple drag and drop. Work less. Play more.

Get a full list of instruments by version

Get more out of your instruments

The ARP. SONAR X3 has the most sophisticated arpeggiator ever built into a DAW. It goes way beyond up/down patterns and ventures into circular and inverted patterns and even custom phrases. And it's totally addictive. Turn it on and trip out.

ACT out: Active Controller Technology makes mapping controls dead simple and remembers every control for every synth and every effect. And your mappings are ready to go in every new project. You control whatever is in focus and ACT does the rest.

Session Drummer 3
Dimension Pro

Dimension Pro
(Producer exclusive)


(Producer exclusive)

Z3TA+ Classic

Z3TA+ Classic
(Producer & Studio only)

Enter the Matrix

Welcome to a non-linear world.

Why edit and arrange your loops when you can play them instead? The Matrix View lets you organize audio and MIDI loops, phrases, and one shots into cells and columns for real-time triggering from one (or more) MIDI controllers. Use it for easy arranging of song sections or for complex sets of multiple grooves, one-shots, drops, and breakdowns - all playable in real-time. And the entire performance can be captured onto discrete tracks in SONAR's Track View where it can be freely edited and mixed until it's exactly what you want. The new per-cell trigger resolution and enhanced routing with support for external MIDI hardware make it a formidable creative force. What are you waiting for? Free your mind.

Matrix View

Modular Browser

Feel free to browse around

With the searchable Browser you can access a neatly organized collection of loops, one-shots, effects and instruments which can be incorporated into projects with a simple drag and drop. Access complex FX Chains, create custom content locations, and even replace synths in one fell swoop. In fact, you can drag and drop just about anything both to and from the Browser. And thanks to Skylight, it's there when you need it, gone when you don't, and its size and location are totally up to you. Find it. Drag it. Drop it.


Unlimited Everything

Creativity, without limits.

SONAR X3 delivers what other DAWs cannot offer, unlimited everything in all versions! You get unlimited simultaneous Audio & MIDI tracks, FX, Sends, and full VST3 support with our industry leading 64-bit mix engine. We believe that everyone deserves the full SONAR X3 experience.

64-bit audio engine

The root of our excellence.

SONAR X3’s brilliant audio engine captures the clarity and elegance of your music. Its inspiring smooth sound and sonic characteristics digitize your performances with the utmost precision. You can bounce your tracks down in minutes with our 64 bit double precision engine, record up to 196kHz with low latency monitoring, and mix with confidence using our sample-accurate plugin delay compensation. Every user deserves the caliber of fidelity that SONAR delivers, and that’s why we made all of this available in very version. Our technology brings out the best in your music and nowhere else can you have it all starting for $99.

VST Enhancements

The latest VST technology for the greatest DAW.

VST3 support is now fully integrated across all versions of SONAR X3. That means superior plugin management, low CPU loads, and improved visual workspace. It’s perfectly integrated into SONAR X3’s browser and shows you VST3 and VST2 plugins side by side.

SONAR X3 automatically detects new VST plugins so you never have to rescan, and if you have a project using the VST 2 version of a plugin that also supports VST3, SONAR will update it and keep all of your settings intact.


  • Track Folders
  • Track Templates
  • Confidence Recording
  • Track Templates
  • Input monitoring with effects
  • Versatile metronome with subdivisions
  • Intuitive keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick access synth rack
  • Automatic Plugin Delay Compensation
  • Up to 384kHz audio fidelity
  • Low latency audio engine
  • 64-bit OS support for Windows 7/8
  • ASIO and WDM support

Celemony Melodyne Essential with ARA integration

Correction, this is all you need.

Melodyne Essential is now fully integrated into SONAR X3 Producer and Studio. This means the best pitch correction, time stretching, and audio to MIDI conversion in the business are at your command. Whether there’s a flat note in a vocal, or you want to adjust phrasing, Melodyne makes it a snap to polish your recordings.

By adding support for ARA technology (Audio Random Access), we were able to seamlessly integrate Melodyne Essential into SONAR's Skylight interface. This means no waiting for data to transfer into the Editor. Simply click to open the audio clip and get to work. To convert audio to MIDI, simply drag and audio clip onto a MIDI track and Melodyne takes care of the rest. And if you are using any other version of Melodyne or plan to upgrade, you get to enjoy the same level of integration automatically. In fact, ARA integration is available in all version of SONAR X3!. Watch the video


A smarter way to record.

SONAR X3 now introduces our breakthrough Comping - the smartest and quickest method for working with multiple takes. Record the same part as many times as you like using the new Comping record mode, and when you’re finished, our speed comping accelerates your workflow so that you can isolate, edit, and promote your strongest performances into one unified flawless track. Comping at its core improves the overdubbing process and streamlines the post-recording and editing experience. Watch the video

Even smarter

Smart Tool

SONAR’s innovative Smart Tool is smarter than ever. Constantly switching tools can be a real drag on your creativity. Enter the Smart Tool, which changes function automatically based on context and works in every one of SONAR's edit views. Place the cursor on what you want to edit and SONAR does the rest. With SONAR X3, the Smart Tool has been improved so that most common functions don't even require modifier keys. Functions like freehand and line drawing, as well as painting note lengths, are also now possible. It will totally spoil you.

Smart Grid.

Changing snap settings is one of those repetitive tasks that, while necessary, suck some of the joy out of creating music. Smart Grid intelligently sets the snap resolution and the visual grid line display dynamically, based on zoom level, to a useful setting for the task at hand. And it can do it independently for the Track View and the Piano Roll View. Let SONAR think about snap so you don't have to.


edit filter

Edit Filter

The improved Edit Filter ensures that tracks clearly display the data you want to see and edit. Used with the Smart Tool, even complex, multi-track editing is fast and seamless. Dice clips, paint notes, time stretch audio, and draw automation with no tool switching and no hassle.

Editing views

Piano Roll

SONAR X3's PRV has been enhanced with a new look and new functionality. The virtual keyboard now displays real-time MIDI input and Aim Assist functionality has been enhanced to clearly show both vertical and horizontal placement of notes. Coupled with the new Smart Tool functionality, both the PRV and the inline PRV feel rock-solid and make creating and editing MIDI parts quicker and easier.

Loop Construction

No matter what style of music you create, loops are a great way to get a project started, and they can really spice up an original track. Updated to fully integrate into the Skylight interface, the Loop Construction View lets you tweak each audio slice with pitch, pan, and volume envelopes, keeping loops sounding fresh, locked to the groove, and just the way you want.

Cutting edge tools

Step Sequencer

From minimal to maniacal, build beats in classic fashion with SONAR's groove-churning Step Sequencer. Move fast with Auto Populate and tweak patterns down to their very core with per-lane and per-step flam, offset, swing and probability control. Launch it from any softsynth window and immediately start creating rhythm patterns that do mean a thing.


Get full control of the timing and feel of your tracks. Tighten multi-track drums with full phase coherency, lock MIDI tracks to the timing of audio tracks, convert audio to MIDI for drum replacement, create groove templates, change tempo of audio - it's all possible from one simple interface using the Smart Tool.

Producer and
    Studio editions only



Get that epic, pro sound.

The ProChannel is a fully expandable mixing console right at your fingertips. Its breathtaking interface and high quality set of modules allows you to experience professional level mixing unlike any other DAW. Customize the perfect channel strip using the included modules like EQ, optical compression, and tube saturation. Plus you can pair our brand new Tape Emulator with the Console Emulator to reproduce that vintage analog sound of hit records from decades ago.

Producer and
    Studio editions only

QuadCurve EQ Zoom

Seeing is Believing.

Boost, cut and produce with the most visual EQ that Cakewalk has ever offered. Once you experience the QuadCurve EQ’s Zoom Panel you will never touch another EQ again. With the new built-in spectrum analyzer you can use both your eyes and ears to accurately sculpt your tracks.Watch the video

Producer Exclusive

Tape Emulator

A touch of analog.

The Tape Emulator is the newest addition to your arsenal of ProChannel modules. Activate the sound of priceless analog tape machines right from your studio chair. Then pair it with the Console Emulator for the complete sound of the classic pre-digital era.

Producer Exclusive

Console Emulator

Analog console sound. Software flexibility.

SONAR X3 Producer's Console Emulator injects the sound of three legendary consoles right into SONAR's ProChannel, bringing "in the box" mixing to a whole new level. The big, punchy sound of analog consoles comes from the individual components and random variables induced by the circuitry in each channel and bus. And little things mean a lot. Crosstalk and component tolerance have a cumulative effect on a mix, making it sound big, warm and pleasing due to the effects of non-linear summing. And different consoles have different characteristics. Add the Console Emulator to any channel or bus and dial in the warm sound of these legendary analog hardware consoles - with all the modern convenience and flexibility of software.

Producer Exclusive

Console Emulator


The space you need.

Pure, unadulterated, world-class reverb inspired by classic hardware is now fully integrated into SONAR X3 Producer both as a VST plugin and as a custom ProChannel module. BREVERB SONAR delivers gorgeous results with fully automatable control of four of the most popular algorithms from the full version - with no limitations. Extensive presets and hardware-style controls make it a snap to get just the right ambience for any sound. Perfectly suited to any mixing or post-production task, SONAR BREVERB is flexible, easy to use and sounds utterly superb.

Producer Exclusive


Tone2 BiFilter2

Your music. Filtered.

Bifilter2's true stereo architecture provides SONAR X3 Producer with 47 filter types ranging from vintage analog modeled to futuristic FM filtering. Its 100 stock presets, 8 distortion types, and easy to use interface is now a part of SONAR X3 Producer’s Boutique Suite.

Producer Exclusive

Tone2 BiFilter2
Watch the videos: FX | EQ | Dynamics

Nomad Factory Blue Tubes FX

Classic analog for your digital studio.

The Studio Mixing Suite includes a stunning set of 19 different dynamic, EQ, and effects processors from Nomad Factory. This suite is influenced by vintage style gear that dominated the legendary analog studios where classic tracks were born.

There is a module for every situation in this bundle. You can load up the Dual Phaser, Dual Chorus, Oilcan Echo, or the 3D Tempo Delay and never have to touch your pedal board again. Sculpt and shape your mixes with 1 or all 6 of the supplied parametric, graphic, or programmable EQs and then apply one of our dynamics processors to keep your levels under control and glued together.

Producer and Studio editions only

Other Effects Suites

Along with the Studio Mixing Suite in SONAR X3 Studio and Producer, we have also revamped the entire effects lineup across all versions for the ultimate mixing experience.

Essential & Classic Creative Suite

Essential tools for mixing.

SONAR X3’s ships with 27 studio-grade mixing effects including full Sonitus:FX Suite and Cakewalk’s robust set of rack effects. Get the essential mixing effects you need to enhance any production.


Engineering Suite

What every engineer needs.

Mix your tracks to precision with our mixing and mastering plugins. Your mixes will shine above the rest and never again will you have to pass them off to someone else for completion.


Boutique Suite

First-class treatment.

The Boutique Suite is an exclusive set of our plugins that add levels of expression and uniqueness to your projects. Your music’s character is an extension of your own creativity, so why not treat it with the best?

    Mixing Console

Pro Mixing Console

There's nothing like sitting at the controls of a big, professional mixing desk. SONAR X3 provides that experience plus jaw dropping abilities only possible with software like flexible routing and unlimited everything. Turn the knobs. Ride the faders.

FX Chains

Each version of SONAR X3 contains a collection of handcrafted FX Chains for a variety of mixing tasks. SONAR X3 Studio and Producer ups the ante with ProChannel FX Chains, making the ProChannel a truly epic force when it comes to mixing.

Automation Lanes

SONAR's automation system has been completely overhauled, adding individual automation lanes for each track plus new automation modes (Latch, Touch, Overwrite, Punch) and much improved editing with the Smart Tool. Brilliant.


Custom track colors

Adding color to your sessions makes light work out of organizing complex and track-heavy projects. Colorize every track, or just your busses, and SONAR X3 will automatically update tracks routed to that bus to match.



Looking at a big, sexy mixing console is bound to make you want to touch it. And with ACT, you can. ACT dynamically maps any number of physical MIDI controls to SONAR's faders, panners, auxes, and any effect parameter available.

64-bit mix engine

64-bit mix engine

With the first 64-bit mix engine available in any DAW, SONAR's sound quality is unsurpassed. Coupled with its 64-bit file handling and 384 kHz sample rate support, SONAR X3 is the true state of the art in audio fidelity.


LP-64 Multiband Compressor

The LP-64 Multiband is a linear phase mastering compressor/limiter. It provides clean, clear non-smeared control over isolated bands for volume maximization or attenuation/limiting with superior linear phase technology.

Producer and
    Studio editions only

LP-64 EQ

LP-64 EQ is a linear-phase Equalizer that puts a professional sheen on your final mix. Get accurate processing and eliminate phase distortion that is common with parametric EQ.

Producer and
    Studio editions only


Boost 11 is a peak limiter that gives your final mix maximum volume and punch. With Boost 11's simple interface you'll have your songs and radio- and duplication-ready in no time at all.


  • Peak markers
  • Bus waveform preview
  • Accurate 64-bit double precision audio fidelity
  • POW-R Dithering (Producer exclusive)


Integrated saving and sharing on the cloud.

Upload your projects anywhere, anytime - without having to leave your DAW.

Backup all of your work and never worry about losing a single shred of data ever again.

Store your work as long as you want. Now, every new SONAR X3 user gets 5GB free store on Gobbler’s cloud.

Share with your friends and colleagues with a single click of the mouse. Gobbler will do the rest.

Watch the video

Get social on YouTube

Market directly to YouTube users.

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world for musicians and artists. SONAR X3 integrates YouTube’s publishing capabilities right into the control bar so you don’t even have to leave the program to share videos with your subscribers.


Upload your songs directly to SoundCloud and automatically notify social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Export videos

Score your videos in SONAR X3 and then export them in a variety of formats including QuickTime.


  • Export MIDI data seamlessly to your favorite notation software with MusicXML
  • Flexible export options: AIF, Broadcast WAV, FLAC, SD2 (Sound Designer II), QuickTime video, and more
  • Collaborate with other DAWs using SONAR’s Broadcast Wave & OMF support
  • Finish a project and immediately burn CDs for fans, family, and friends
Cakewalk Z3TA+ 2
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