SONAR 2 Plug-In Patch

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 2

**Please Note:  This article is considered deprecated, please download the SONAR 2.2 update.

This patch addresses issues that were opened subsequent to the April 1, 2002 launch SONAR and SONAR XL, Version 2.0. The items addressed in this patch are specific to Cyclone to Cyclone Dxi2 and 3rd party plug-ins, not to the SONAR host application itself.

When the patch runs, it determines weather you have installed SONAR 2 or SONAR 2 XL, and will update the target files accordingly.

Depending on which version of SONAR 2 you have installed, the following plug-ins will be updated:

If you have SONAR 2....


  • Alien Connections ReValver SE
  • Audio Simulation Dream Station Dxi2
  • Cyclone Dxi2
  • Edirol VSC Dxi2

If you have SONAR 2XL..



  • Alien Connections ReValver SE
  • Audio Simulation Dream Station Dxi2
  • Cyclone Dxi2
  • Edirol VSC Dxi2
  • DR-008 DXi2*
  • Timeworks CompressorX*
  • Timeworks EQ*

*DR-008, CompressorX and Timeworks EQ are only available in SONAR 2 XL, not the regular version of SONAR 2.

These plug-ins must be installed in order for the patch to work. Plug-ins that are not installed will not be updated. In the event that you should ever have to reinstall the plug-ins from the original CD, it will be necessary to patch them again. It is therefore recommended that you back up the Plug-in_Patch. exe file in a safe place in case you need to use it again.

Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes are listed by plug-in.

Alien Connections Revalver SE
It was determined that the respective copy protection schemes used by Revalver SE and certain Waves Plug-ins Conflicted with each other when used in the same project, resulting in unexpected behavior or system instability. For this patch, Revalver SE's copy protection wrapper has been completely removed.



  • SONAR disappears when inserting waves SuperTap Delay when used with ReValver SE
  • ReValver SE used with waves plug-ins causes SONAR to crash

Audio Simulation Dream Station DXi2



  • Sonar Crashes When Dream Station is loaded for the very first time, on some systems 
  • Dream Station used with Cakewalk's MIDI Arpeggiator pug-in Producers an error message

Cyclone DXi2
Cyclone has had several feature enhancements as well as some bug fixes.

Cyclone Feature Enhancements
Undo/Redo for pad edits
You can now undo and redo edits up to 128 levels. Ctrl z=Undo; Shit+Ctrl z =Redo. This only affects the contents of the pads. If you add a loop to pad and choose undo, the events on the pad will go away but the loop will remain in the loop bin. 

User definable snap
When snap is enabled, any event that is moved will "snap" to that beat or subdivision of a beats. Snap is absolute. The menu includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, and 16 snaps per beat.

Volume and pan Values
Volume and pan Values will now be displayed at the bottom of the pad inspector. When you click the pad, these fields will update to reflect the volume and pan settings for that pad.

Global Latch on/off
You can now turn latch on/off for all pads by holding down the shift key while clicking the latch button on any pad. In the event that some buttons are on are some are off, if the user clicks on a latch buttons with the shift key down only the pads the pads in the opposites state are changed to match the resulting  state after the mouse click.

Select pad without triggering it
you can now select a pad without triggering it. To do so, click anywhere on the pad outside the number pad.

Selected pad Indicator
Selected pads will be highlighted with a "ring" around the pad. This should make it easier to know what's going on.

New Help File (press F1)
There is a new Cyclone help file associated with the plug-in. This help file supercedes the Cyclone has information contained within the main SONAR 2.0 help file.

Cyclone Bug Fixes



  • Pops and Clicks triggering loops
  • Multiple Samples Playing at once
  • Toggling Latch causing samples not to play
  • Out of Memory Error
  • Loop Bin Scroll Bar-the vertical scrollbar in the loop bin been change to avoid truncating loop filenames

DR-008 DXi2



  • DDSequencer module follows SONAR's tempo map incorrectly When playback begins from point other than beginning of project
  • Pad numbers in "Controllers" dialog do not match the numbers on the actual pads
  • Crash running 3 Samplers on Choke
  • Crashes When loading a kit that uses modules that are not present in the \Modules Folder

Edirol VSC DXi2




  • Display patch numbers only (on names) in DXi 1 hosts

Timeworks CompressorsX




  • Compressor Continuously sends automation data when recording plug-in automation
  • Timeworks faders fight when overwriting existing automation

Timeworks EQ



  • Deadlock when clicking "L" and "All" buttons on Timeworks EQ
  • Timeworks fader fight when overwriting old automation
  • EQ continuously sends automation data when recording plug-in automation

In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 2.0 or SONAR 2.0 XL Customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

SONAR Plug-in Patch






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