Home Studio 9.01 Update

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • Home Studio 9.0

What does the patch address?
The Cakewalk Home Studio 9.01 Patch introduces many fixes and enhancements. View the complete list of changes.

To download and apply the patch:
1. Download the Cakewalk 9.01 Patch to your computer. Saving the hs900901.exe patch to your Windows Desktop will make it easy to find.
2. As with all Windows installations, we strongly recommend you close all open programs before starting the patch installation (step 3.) It's especially important that you close any system monitor or PC first aid type programs before installing any software.
3. Run the 9.01 patch by either double-clicking the hs900901.exe file or entering the correct path in the Windows Start Menu's | Run dialogue.
4. The Cakewalk 9.01 patch will search your system and apply the update to the correct location.

Known Issues in Home Studio 9.01 Patch
Users who have moved, deleted files or otherwise tampered with certain files in their original Home Studio 9.0 installation may receive an error message when installing the Home Studio 9.01 patch. If you see a message indicating a specific file could not be found, or some other type of error message you can correct the problem by following these steps:
1. Uninstall Home Studio 9.0 by choosing Start | Programs | Cakewalk | Cakewalk Home Studio 9 | Uninstall Cakewalk Home Studio 9.
2. Reinstall Home Studio 9.0.
3. Apply the Home Studio 9.01 patch again.

To update Cakewalk Home Studio 9.0 to version 9.01 use this patch:
hs900901.exe (size - 2.79MB)

Download revised Cakewalk StudioWare and Template files:

Revised StudioWare Panels:
Line 6 POD.CakewalkStudioWare
Mackie OTTO 1604.CakewalkStudioWare
Yamaha ProMix01.CakewalkStudioWare

Revised Templates:
StudioMix 4+4.tpl
StudioMix 8 Tracks Audio.tpl
StudioMix 8 Tracks MIDI.tpl

Click here to download Content.zip

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