Project5 Version 2 - Groove Matrix

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • Project5 Version 2

A groove in Project5 is a collection of one or more patterns stacked vertically in the Groove Matrix, one pattern per track. Each groove lasts as long as the longest pattern in that particular groove. The shorter patterns in a groove repeat until the longest pattern in that groove finishes (by default, but you can change this). Each column in the Groove Matrix is made up of cells, which are just pattern holders, one per track. You can drag one pattern into each cell, or leave the cell empty.

The Trigger Snapper menu sets the time lag between when you trigger a groove or cell, and when it starts playing.

By default, you can play one groove at a time, starting each groove by clicking its header, or by triggering the groove with remote control.

You can record your grooves in the Arrange pane.

The Global Track Override button determines allows you to mute the output of all patterns in the Arrange pane, or mute all patterns in the Groove Matrix, or let all patterns sound. The individual Track Override buttons allow you to mute an individual track's patterns in the Groove Matrix, and/or the Arrange pane.

For more information about the Groove Matrix, see Using the Groove Matrix.

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