Rapture Installation Issues

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Rapture owners have notice two things that can occur when installing their product.

Auto-Run May Not Start
If the Rapture installation process does not start when you insert the CD, you'll need to start the process manually. Explore the CD and double-click on setup.exe (that's the Rapture setup file)

False "Malicious Script Detected" Message
Some Rapture customers who's anti-virus or security settings are especially strict may encounter a message stating "malicious script detected" when attempting to install Rapture. The files on the Rapture disc are safe. It's Ok to product installation.

The Rapture installer uses a Windows scripting technology to run an executable file on the install disc, and this can trigger a false alarm if your anti-virus software is set very conservatively. we've scanned the image used to crate the install media and found no problems. We always recommend you disable any resident virus scanners when installing our products. If you're concerned, run a virus scan on the install media before you begin.  


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