UAD-1 Error When "64-bit Double Precision Engine" Enabled

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR 6 Producer Edition
  • SONAR 6 Studio Edition
  • SONAR 5 Producer Edition
  • SONAR 5 Studio Edition

If you enable “64-bit Double Precision Engine” (Options-Audio-General) while a project is loaded and uses UAD-1 Powered Plug-ins, you may receive an error message indicating “Plug-in buffer size mismatch”.

This appears to happen with the UAD-1 if you change the buffer size more than once in succession. The buffer size is automatically reset twice in a row when the double precision engine is engaged/disengaged. There is no data loss or crash, and the solution is to save and reload the project.

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