Project5 Videos

Last updated on 3/29/2016


Everything you need to get started and creative with Project5

Tutorial 1: Project5 Interface Overview   Low  Hi
  Jason McClinsey introduces P5's interface
Tutorial 2: Instrument Preview   Low  Hi
  Jason McClinsey previews some of P5's instruments
Tutorial 3: Effects Overview   Low  Hi
  Jason McClinsey introduces the creative tools in P5
Tutorial 4: Pattern Recording   Low  Hi
  Jason McClinsey introduces Pattern Recording in P5
Project5 2.5 Overview   YouTube
  Introduction and overview of P5 2.5
Making Beats With Project5   YouTube
  Learn how to make beats using Project5 Version 2.5
Project5's Arpeggiator   YouTube
  Learn how to get the most out of Project5's arpeggiator
Using ACT with Project5   YouTube
  Use Project5 2.5's new Active Controller Technology to get better
control of instruments, effects, and your mix.
The Groove Matrix   YouTube
  Learn how to use Project5's GrooveMatrix for non-traditional arranging
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