Delivery Related Videos

Last updated on 3/30/2016

Helpful videos for CD burning and Delivery


    SONAR Export Options for CDs and Clients    SONAR Home Studio, Studio and Producer 7.x and higher
  This in-depth video goes over the advanced exporting options available in our SONAR product line. 
  Burning Audio CDs in Audio Creator   Audio Creator 1.x
  This is a great video walking you through the CD burning process in pyro Audio Creator.
  How to Rip and Burn CDs in SONAR   SONAR 7.x and higher
  SONAR now offers built in CD Burning and Ripping capabilities. Click here here to watch an informative video. 
  Encoding various formats in Audio Creator   Audo Creator 1.x
  Audio Creator's Encoder offers a quick and easy way to encode files of all types.
  Tagging MP3 Files in Audio Creator   Audo Creator 1.x
  Do you have a large amount of MP3s that you would like to quickly rename? Audio Creator makes it possible to quickly edit the metadata in MP3 files. 
  Mastering Final Projects in SONAR   SONAR 7.x and higher
  Need some tips to take your finished mix to the next level? Check out this video on SONAR's unique mastering capabilities.
  Working with and Exporting Video in SONAR   SONAR 8.x and higher
  Working with music or audio for film or TV? Check out this clip on working with video in SONAR Producer.


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