SONAR X2 Producer QuickFix (Build 308)

Last updated on 3/22/2016



A new QuickFix is available for SONAR X2 Producer that addresses a number of customer reported issues. This QuickFix pertains to SONAR X2 Producer only as these issues are not present in SONAR X2 Studio or SONAR X2 Essential. The following issues were resolved:

  • Resolved an issue where external ProChannel modules would show up blank when saving prior to inserting tracks into this project. The modules now draw correctly. Also, this resolves related instability due to this behavior.
  • Resolved instability when inserting multiple R-MIX plug-ins when your sample rate was set to 88.2 kHz or higher
  • Resolved an issue where opening projects originally created in SONAR 8.5 or prior containing the in-line EQ might duplicate the Sonitus EQ into the track FX Bin incorrectly when saving the project
  • Resolved an issue where converting Sonitus EQ to ProChannel EQ could result in multiple instances of the same ProChannel EQ leading to potential instability and/or project corruption
  • Resolved potential instability in 32-bit SONAR when switching between tracks and buses with projects containing the ProChannel version of BREVERB or the Console Emulator modules

Please Note: This QuickFix has only received minimal testing to expedite delivery, if you are not affected by any of the above issues then you do not need to install this QuickFix.  Should you experience any problems with this QuickFix please report it using the Cakewalk Problem Report Tool and be sure to indicate the build number.




Backup & Recovery:

The QuickFix installer will automatically backup your existing SONARPDR.exe file. The default location will be'C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\SONAR X2 Producer\Backup\DATE\Version_Build.Number'  If for any reason you need to restore to the release version of X2, you can do so by replacing the files in your installation directory with the ones found in the Backup folder







DownloadSONAR X2 Producer QuickFix (Build 308) (Approx. 44 MB)






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