SONAR X2a VST Plug-in Name Change

Last updated on 3/18/2016

SONAR X2a has introduced a new mechanism for naming and referring to VST plug-ins throughout its menus.

VST Plug-ins are now referred to by their VST Plug-in Name versus the name of the DLL. While ultimately a more desirable behavior, this could potentially create confusion when trying to locate plug-ins that do not adhere to the VST specification's proper naming conventions.

Given the case, you have a few formatting choices for how to display the VST name in SONAR. This is controllable via a new .ini setting. To change the setting, you will want to add a new variable called  VSTPlugInNameFormat  via Edit > Preferences > File - Initialization file.
You can set the value to either 0, 1, 2, or 3. 

0 - Format 0:  VST supplied name
        (this is the new default setting in X2a onward) 
1 - Format 1:  DLL Name
        (this is the old behavior prior to SONAR X2a)
2 - Format 2:  VST Plug-in Name (DLL Name) 
3 - Format 3:  DLL Name (VST Plugin Name) 

After clicking [Set] you will see the setting show up as shown in the image below:

Initialization File

After you create the variable, restart SONAR and the menus should display the new naming format. 


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