SONAR X3c Update

Last updated on 3/28/2016

A new update is available for SONAR X3, SONAR X3 Studio, and SONAR X3 Producer that addresses user reported issues. In order to install this update you must have SONAR X3 already installed. Note that this is a cumulative update. You can install SONAR X3c directly over the SONAR X3 release version (available on discs), the SONAR X3a ESD version (available as a digital download) or the SONAR X3b update.

Fixes and Enhancements

The information below documents a number of fixes and enhancements that are part of SONAR X3c. Because SONAR X3c is cumulative, installing it will bring you up to date with all of the following fixes as well as all of the fixes contained within SONAR X3b. The fixes in SONAR X3c include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Resolved a crash related to cancelling multiple ARA audio to MIDI track conversions using Esc
  • Resolved occasional crashes when exporting with Region FX enabled
  • Resolved a crash after undoing a clip gain change and applying a track volume envelope
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when closing document with an older version of the ProChannel EQ enabled
  • Resolved a crash related to adding 1/32 triplet notes in the Staff View
  • Resolved a crash in projects with ProChannel enabled on Surround busses
  • Resolved a crash when inserting Waves stereo FX in mono tracks
  • Resolved a crash when selecting "Selected Track inputs..." menu item in a project with no tracks
  • Resolved a crash related to pressing CTRL A
  • Resolved a crash related to cloning a track containing a VST with MIDI out enabled
  • Resolved a hang that could occur when dragging tracks and folders




  • Switching Screensets could sometimes cause envelopes to become unselectable
  • Multiple drags of a selection containing MIDI clip and automation could create a new track
  • VST3 bypass automation could not be recorded (CWBRN-20063)

User Interface





  • Collapsed Track Inspector would appear briefly on project load
  • Console View Options - Playback Meter Options was labeled incorrectly
  • About box text was displayed in English on Spanish installs
  • Inspector collapse button would reflect the inverse state in some circumstances
  • Docked VSTs would not draw correctly in the multidock at project launch
  • Fixed issues where the Track Inspector/ProChannel would not draw correctly on launch
  • Double-click maximize and “Fit Project” would not work correctly in projects with hidden tracks
  • Erase Tool right-click Lasso now works on MIDI Tracks.
  • Improved Mouse Wheel Zoom/Scroll in the Track View
  • Fixed conditions where track controls can overlap
  • Wrong order of tab indexes in edit>preferences>folder locations window (CWBRN-8005)
  • Resolved an issue where the Chord Properties in the Staff View would display the Chord Name improperly (CWBRN-17296, CWBRN-20407, CWBRN-6815, CWBRN-3895)

FX Chains





  • Missing Plugin Stand-in message would be shown when inserting an FX Chain (CWBRN-20456)
  • When the plugin count was over 1000, plugins could not be evoked from FX chains
  • Errors would occasionally occur when assigning FX Chain controls to VST3 plugins
  • Fixed a condition in which the Browser would not display FX Chain Presets
  • VST3 plugins in from ProChannel FX Chain would not display properly after switching screensets
  • Fixed envelope tooltips for plugins hosted within FX chains






  • Quick grouping of controls on the Tape Emulator could fail after manipulating Noise control
  • Quick Grouped Mute buttons would not work on Instrument tracks in the Console View.
  • Quick group on Console Emulator was offset when changing types.
  • Fixed multi-clip relative crop
  • Grouped archive button would not work correctly on first track in a project

Audio Engine





  • ASIO Buffer Size was not displayed in Driver Settings dialog
  • Fixed issues related to enabling ProChannel on frozen tracks






  • The “Store takes on separate tracks” setting caused record overlap clip mutes to fail
  • Could not convert MIDI Groove Clips on lanes to Step Sequencer without first flattening the comp
  • Fixed errors when exposing lanes on cloned instrument tracks
  • Process>Slide on lanes could not be undone
  • Fixed incorrect Smart Tool cursors on automation lanes
  • Comp track inline PRV displayed notes on lanes that were excluded by lane solo
  • Fixed inconsistent crossfade creation on Take Lanes
  • Addressed conditions in which Delete Empty Lanes would fail
  • Fixed problems that lead to inaudible clips when freezing tracks with muted or soloed lanes
  • Freezing a track could cause its lanes to open
  • Addressed conditions where duplicate take names could be generated
  • Tempo changes could cause comp clips to draw incorrectly
  • Healing multiple clips could cause excessive flickering
  • Tracks could scroll off screen on clicking the Edit Filter with lanes maximized.
  • Clips could become uneditable after shift clicking automation in a parent track, then opening lanes
  • Fixed issues with zooming on Lanes
  • Undo could unexpectedly unmute take lanes
  • Addressed issues with selection failing when showing multiple take lanes
  • Double-clicking a MIDI comp clip would not open the appropriate editing view






  • Text notes would not persist in the Playlist View
  • Fixed a number of issues related to PRV Snap to Grid
  • Fixed issues related to opening the PRV at a specific location
  • Nudge would not work in PRV from right to left when "Slide over old to make room" was set in Preferences
  • With Snap to Grid off, manipulating any snap settings will now re-enable Snap to Grid
  • Staff View did not display track name in single track projects
  • Step Record would allow choosing an invalid destination track
  • Partial envelope selections would not be rendered correctly after drag and drop
  • Bounce to Clip was not working properly on MIDI clips on Instrument Tracks
  • "Move Input Focus to Mains" would move focus to busses
  • Track Inspector Lock wouldn't persist on Insert New Track
  • Track Solo Button would get out of sync with Soft Synths (CWBRN-13919)






  • Fixed a variety of issues where VST3 Waves Plugin parameters would not persist correctly
  • Insert synth did not work with multi-out VST3 instruments like Steinberg Halion Sonic
  • Steinberg RND Portico plugins would crash
  • Fixed a crash when scanning Arturia VST3
  • Addressed VST2.4 to VST3 migration issues with Waves V9
  • VST2 Plugins saved in custom plugin layouts now correctly migrating to VST3
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Waves plugins
  • Fixed compatibility issues with GARRITAN ARIA Player
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Pod Farm 2.55
  • Resolved a crash using the TAL Bassline 101
  • VST3 Presets saved in Cubase would not load in SONAR
  • Fixed a potential hang during VST scan
  • Some Waves plugins were incorrectly flagged as having MIDI out functionality
  • Fixed a Plugin Manager version mismatch
  • Default plug-in layout could display VST3 plug-ins within the VST2 folder
  • Addressed an issue where Host Bypass displayed incorrectly for FabFilter synths in an Instrument Track
  • Fixed compatibility issues with MDA plugins
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Guitar Rig 5
  • Plugin windows would re-size incorrectly when dragged from the Multidock
  • Host Bypass would not always work correctly if used while the transport was stopped
  • Fixed a variety of issues related to large plugin counts
  • VST Scanner was incompatible with Windows Vista
  • Can now use MIDI input on VST audio plugins
  • RegionFX menu could show non-ARA plugins in X3 until re-scan, if X2 was present
  • Resolved an issue with the Tape Emulator emitting a gradually increasing 60hz tone when patched into a track



Installation Instructions

Installation is as easy as downloading the appropriate update from the links below for your version of SONAR and running the installer. The on screen instructions will guide you through the rest. This update is cumulative. You can install it over the SONAR X3 (disc version), the SONAR X3a (download version) or the SONAR X3b update.

If you experience any issues downloading or installing the update, we recommend temporarily disabling any anti-virus software or background services that might be running, such as Windows Update, as they may interfere with the installation process.

To install this update you must be a registered SONAR X3 owner. Additionally, you can access a link to the proper update for your version by going to Help > Check for Program Updates.

Additional Installation Steps Regarding Documentation:

The online version of SONAR X3's documentation has been updated to include new topics pertaining to SONAR X3c. We recommend clearing your browser's cache if any new topics are not displaying for you. You can also press F5 to refresh the current page you are on. The offline .chm version has been updated as well. No action is necessary for those changes. If you prefer the offline .chm version, you can set F1 to open it by default by going to Edit > Preferences > File - Advanced and selecting "Always Use Offline Help".

Please note our most up to date Reference Guides are available here.

Download Links

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3c update for SONAR X3 Producer (Approx. 464.32 MB)

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3c update for SONAR X3 Studio (Approx. 446.91 MB)

DownloadDownload the SONAR X3c update for SONAR X3 (Approx. 428.39 MB)


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