Tutorial: Bark of Amp

Last updated on 3/8/2016

By Craig Anderton, from the Dorchester Release PDF.

The information in this article applies to:

  • SONAR Platinum
  • SONAR Professional


Here’s an easy way to add more “oomph” to your CA-X Amps and give them more of the feel of “pushing air.” It comes courtesy of Boz Digital Labs’ “Bark of Dog” ProChannel module, which was part of the SONAR Braintree update.

Insert Bark of Dog into the ProChannel for the track with the CA-X amp. The effect is more dramatic if the ProChannel is post-FX Rack (right-click on a blank space in the ProChannel, then select “Post FX Rack”), but try pre-FX as well—the character is different.

To find the right setting:

  1. Turn Mix all the way up.
  2. Turn Amplitude all the way up.
  3. Adjust Frequency to give a solid bass “thump” that sounds like a 15” speaker pushing air.
  4. Pull back on Amplitude for the desired thump amount.


Bark of Amp CA-X

Screen shot with typical settings.

From now on, unless there’s too much bottom and the guitar’s going to compete, wake up Fido and get him to bark at the amp.


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