Music Creator 7 Version Installer Updates

Last updated on 3/18/2016

The Music Creator 7 version installer updates were released to ensure compatibility with future versions of Cakewalk Command Center.

This update includes new installers for Music Creator 7, the Studio Instruments Suite, the Cakewalk Sound Center, the Additional Content and increases the build number of Music Creator 7 to build 34. Also, the Music Creator Help and Tutorials installer has been separated into Music Creator 7 Local Documentation and Music Creator 7 Tutorials. There are no content or feature changes in this update.

The new installers will be denoted by a yellow light inside Cakewalk Command Center. If the light is red, simply click the [Install] button to update to the latest version as per usual.

This update is recommended for all Music Creator 7 customers who install through the Cakewalk Command Center. It is not required for Steam customers.


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