SONAR 2015 Gloucester Update Fixes and Workflow Enhancements

Last updated on 3/18/2016

Audio & MIDI Engine

  • Video paths are no longer hard-coded. It’s now possible to reference video files within the project folder when projects are opened on different machines.
  • Non-default bounce buffer sizes no longer cause playback issues with upsampling enabled on an Effect in the FX rack.
  • Fixed issue where disabled ProChannel could allocate excess memory.
  • Upsample on Render now renders tempo-based plug-ins correctly.
  • Fixed issue where upsampling was not appearing in the menu when first launching SONAR.

Console View

  • Fixed issue where Plot EQ on/off button was remaining visible when hidden from the Console View strips. (CWBRN-31304)

Drum Replacer

  • Drum Replacer no longer draws incorrectly in some cases after maximizing.

FX Chains

  • Fixed issue where FX Chain was not drawing correctly when docked in the multidock. (CWBRN-14275)

Import / Export & File I/O

  • Switching sample rates between projects no longer causes crashes. (CWBRN-6463)

Lanes / Comping

  • Fixed issue where clip recording position could get offset while recording within loop markers.
  • Fixed issue where deleting the first take while soloed did not un-mute the other takes.
  • Last take lane now persists in mute state.


  • MIDI note events with 0 length can no longer cause a crash during playback.

Selection & Tools

  • Fixed issue where in some cases Ctrl-right-clicking on a clip could cause clip gain and hidden mouse.
  • Right-click lasso can’t evoke the gain envelope unexpectedly.

Track View - Strips & Clips

  • Fixed issue where adding fades to clips could cause the waveform to draw incorrectly when tempo changes were present. (CWBRN-5332, CWBRN-6355, CWBRN-13544)
  • Fixed issue where under certain conditions smart tool was not able to slip edit clips with small fades. (CWBRN-5396, CWBRN-4157)
  • Clip Lock icon obscuring the Clip name is no longer an issue. (CWBRN-23592)
  • Edit filter now displays categorization of VST3 plugin parameters properly for Clip FX.
  • Fixed issue where edge editing clips in take lanes could cause drawing issues and a crash.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases removing the track icon from the track header could cause the track layout not to display correctly; this is now fixed. (CWBRN-20926)


  • Fixed issue where larger text and item display settings in Windows could cause SONAR controls not to draw or operate correctly.


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