SONAR REAC Recording System Compatibility Chart

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • REAC Recording System

The chart below offers details on which hardware, software and Operating Systems are supported with the SONAR REAC Recording System.


Software   REAC Driver 1.0   REAC Driver 1.1   REAC Driver 1.2
SONAR Producer 7.0.2   Yes   Yes   Yes
SONAR Producer 8.3.1   No   Yes   Yes
SONAR Producer 8.5.3   No   No   Yes
Operating System            
Windows XP 32-bit   Yes   Yes   Yes
Windows Vista 32-bit   No   Yes   Yes
Windows Vista 64-bit   No   Yes   Yes
Windows 7 32-bit   No   No   Yes
Windows 7 64-bit   No   No   Yes
Hardware Options            
Cakewalk SPS-66   Yes   Yes   Yes
Cakewalk FA-66   No   No   Yes
Cakewalk VS-700R   No   Yes   Yes
Edirol FA-66   Yes   Yes   Yes
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