V-Studio 100 1.18 Firmware Update

Last updated on 3/31/2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • V-Studio 100

This firmware update includes general compatibility fixes for the V-Studio 100 hardware.

Not all V-Studio 100 owners will need to apply this update, if your current firmware is 1.18 or higher than there is no need for this update.

You can check the currently installed firmware version when you power up the VS-100, the version of the current system software is displayed in the lower right corner corner of the screen.

Enhancements in Firmware version 1.18

  1. Fixed an issue where the mixer would not display properly
  2. In some cases it was taking 5-6 seconds for digital inputs to lock
  3. When unit was powered on with input connected to 3/4 it was being recognized as monaural

For installation instructions visit the V-Studio 100 Firmware Update Instructions page.

DownloadDownload the V-Studio 100 1.18 Firmware Update (Approx. 1 MB)

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