SONAR 6.2 Update

The information in this article applies to:
  • SONAR 6 Producer Edition
  • SONAR 6 Studio Edition

New Enhancements:

  • Meets “Works with Windows Vista” guidelines, including support for MMCSS, WaveRT drivers, and User Account Control.
  • MIDI Input Quantize
  • X-Ray Windows (press Shift+X when the mouse cursors is over a plug-in property page, the Snap to Grid window, AudioSnap Palette, Synth Rack, or float-enabled Piano Roll view)
  • Track View Time Display
  • Bit Meter VST plug-in
  • Import/export colors settings and presets
  • Edirol PCR-300 control surface plug-in
  • Import cue markers from standard RIFF WAV files
  • Various AudioSnap enhancements:
    • ‘Auto XFade’ option in Quantize and Groove Quantize commands
    • ‘Auto XFade’ option added to ‘Fade Selected Clips’ Command
    • 'Apply Transient Markers from Pool’ Command
    • Destructive Slip-Stretch Option
  • Various ACT enhancements:
    • Import ACT XML data
    • ‘ACT Learn’ button in plug-in header
    • Edirol PCR-M30 plug-in now uses "Match" mode for sliders and rotaries (often referred to as "nulling" or "soft takeover")
  • ACT MIDI Controller plug-in enhancements:
    • Match and Jump modes for rotaries and sliders; default is Match mode
    • New ‘ACT Learn Mode’ button in property page header
    • Optional MIDI initialization message
    • ‘Cell MIDI Properties’ dialog (Ctrl+click a cell)
    • Sysx support for buttons
    • Improved support for infinite encoders (choose Absolute Value or Increment/Decrement mode)
    • New button assignments: Property Page Toggle, Property Page Show, Property Page Hide, Open Next Plug-in, Open Previous Plug-in, Focus Next Plug-in, Focus Previous Plug-in
    • Presets for additional MIDI controllers/surfaces
  • Launch soft synth property page from a minimized track (double-click miniature track icon)
  • Optimized picture cache redrawing speed, and option to redraw waveforms for selected clips
  • Display pan law for current project
  • [Changed behavior] In order to use the mouse-wheel to adjust track parameters, you must first click on a control to give it focus, then hover the mouse cursor over the control while you use the mouse-wheel.
  • [Changed behavior] When selecting Piano Roll view note events via lasso, the lasso need only touch the note – not completely encompass it – in order to be included in the selection.


Important Notes – Please Read Before Downloading!

  • This download includes English, French, German and Spanish updates.
  • We have made core changes to the way we install our applications’ configuration files and registry entries.  Please review the PDF document Windows User Account Control Implementation before continuing.  These changes will affect installations on Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • Installing on Windows Vista:  you must install the SONAR 6.2 Update immediately after installing SONAR 6.0.  We recommend that you do not launch SONAR 6.0 prior to installing SONAR 6.2.  If you have already launched SONAR 6.0 on Windows Vista, we recommend you read this article before continuing with the SONAR 6.2 Update.
  • After installing the 6.2 Update, please see the ReadMe file for more information.

Download Requirements:

You must have SONAR 6.0 or 6.0.1 installed in order to run this update.
In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR 6 customer. If you have not registered your product you can register online now.

Download Download SONAR 6.2 Windows Vista User Account Control Implementation Overview PDF file (19 KB). We strongly suggest Windows Vista users read this document before installing the SONAR 6.2 patch

DownloadDownload SONAR 6.2 Producer Edition 32bit & 64bit Update (Approx 62 MB).

DownloadDownload SONAR 6.2 Studio Edition 32bit & 64bit Update (Approx 61 MB).


Notable Fixes:

  • Recording
    • Auto-punch did not work when looping was enabled unless loop and punch overlapped
    • In some cases, recordings at 32 or 64 bit would have flipped phase
    • Record Latency offset could affect punch recording.
    • Playing a VSTi while recording in Overwrite mode could cause existing note events to prematurely cut off recorded note events.
  • Playback
    • Per-channel EQ Enable/Disable and Pre/Post controls could affect other track effects if the EQ was set to Post.
    • Drag&drop of MIDI data into SONAR could temporarily stop audio output until the transport was restarted.
    • Playback would restart at beginning of loop when drag-dropping MIDI clips from synths
    • On a dual-core system, one of Sonar's CPU meters could stay pegged at 100% when playback stopped if "Play Effect Tails After Stopping" was enabled.
  • Plug-in Hosting
    • VST Scanner would crash when scanning Arturia Analog Factory
    • Using Bounce to Track with a ReWire device could result in a crash if there was no time selection and no data in the project
    • Exporting a clip on a track that contains a plug-in with delay compensation could result in a truncated export.
    • Adjusting controls in VST plug-ins that use the "generic" VST GUI had no effect
    • Running VST Scan with many plug-ins could take a long time and result in errors messages with certain plug-ins
    • Clips with delay compensated clip effects could prematurely stream silence before the real end of the clip.
    • The property page of VST plug-ins evoked from the Process menu could sometimes have incorrect size
    • Updated VST plug-ins were not automatically rescanned when their time stamp (version) changed.
    • VSTi's in Synth Rack did not load content data properly unless property page was opened
    • VST plug-in windows were non-modal while VSTScan was running
  • UAD-1
    • "UAD Err=30" error after opening and closing Audio Options dialog.
    • UAD VST plug-ins that require delay compensation did not have the "Delay Compensation" flag set during VSTScan
  • AudioSnap
    • SONAR could crash on playback after removing tempo changes in a project that contained many split clips
    • Slip-Stretching the beginning of a clip to extend the clip was not persisted when a project was saved and re-opened.
    • Waveform would disappear when stretching an unbounded transient marker
    • Bouncing AudioSnap clips would not always produce accurate timing
    • Absolute MIDI note lengths were not preserved correctly when using 'Set Measure Beat at Now' if there were multiple tempo changes involved
    • Mono waveform could disappear when cropping an AudioSnap clip if there was no transient marker at time 0 and the first transient marker was disabled followed by some stretching.
    • It was inadvertently possible to use the Process > Audio > Reverse command on AudioSnap clips, which could lead to erratic behavior.
    • Transport state would not update properly if splitting AudioSnap transients to clips in a track folder.
    • AudioSnap edits could get out of sync with the source wave data if you packed individual wave files into one wave file (as happens when creating a CWB bundle), or when you extract out individual files per clip when opening CWB, making edits, then saving as CWP with "Create one file per clip" checked. In SONAR 6.2, it will not be possible to save a project with AudioSnap edits (stretches or Auto Stretch) as CWB, and it will not be possible to save a project opened from a CWB file that is packed into one wave file such that separate files are created per clip if you have added AudioSnap edits.
    • Bounce to clips or tracks could shift quantized AudioSnap clips ahead in time
    • Using Bounce to Clip(s) on slip-edited AudioSnap clips would process all underlying audio data instead of just the cropped audio
    • "Set Measure/Beat at Now" could result in incorrect AudioSnap transient positions if there were tempo changes involved
    • Transient detection could fail for files imported as 64-bit.
  • Groove Clips
    • Note events would disappear when they were dragged across MIDI Groove Clip boundaries, and SONAR could crash after Undo. Note events are now placed in a new or different clip when dragging across MIDI Groove Clip boundaries.
    • If time selecting a Groove Clip anywhere past the first loop iteration, that content would not make it into the selection, and thereby not be included in edits or bounce/export.
    • A Groove Clip would not play back if its beginning was rolled backward less than a full loop iteration
    • No edit commands would work on audio Groove clips if anything but the first iteration of the loop was selected.
  • ACT / Control Surfaces
    • ACT mappings could get lost if giving focus to a disabled synth.
    • StudioMix surface did not punch out of automation record mode when the transport was stopped, and StudioMix would no longer control host parameters after enabling Automation Write.
    • Tascam FW-1884 control surface plug-in could crash if you had both the FW1884 and the FE-8 expansion control surfaces installed and tried to delete either.
    • ACT context did not behave correctly for synths in Track FX bins or MFXs.
    • ACT Learn mappings did not persist correctly if more than one effect/synth plug-in was learned for any given controller/surface.
    • ACT MIDI Controller “Shift Learn” would obey note velocities
    • ACT did not work properly with plug-in's that had floating disabled
  • Configuration
    • Friendly driver names would repeat if two identical sound cards were installed
  • Project & File I/O
    • Bus automation created in early versions of SONAR would not load correctly in SONAR 6.
    • After saving and re-opening a project, live VSTi soft synth MIDI input could be treated as muted (no audio)
    • 32-bit mono files exported from a surround project were not readable by other applications
    • Intermittent crash when using ASIO drivers and exporting audio with "64-bit Engine" enabled
    • Opening pre-SONAR 6 projects would display incorrect track icon in the Track Inspector.
  • Audio & MIDI Editing
    • Clip mute did not always behave correctly in the presence of tempo changes.
    • Using Process > Length on MIDI clips did not expand the clip duration correctly if the value was >100%.
    • In rare cases, deleting note events in the Piano Roll would sometimes also delete controller events.
    • Using the Mute tool to select a very short time range--below the lower threshold for a valid time selection--would apply a clip mute region from the start of the clip to the mouse cursor position.
    • Under certain conditions, envelopes created by Edit > Convert MIDI to Shapes would have no effect unless you re-assigned the envelope(s)
    • Track Envelope nodes could shift position when dragged at certain zoom levels if "Move By' was enabled in the Snap to Grid dialog.
    • When using Copy as MIDI Notes in the AudioSnap Palette, pasted notes were not always generated from the correct transients.
    • Undo was not possible during playback if there were any write-enabled controls
    • Process > Length could crop MIDI clips instead of only affecting selected notes.
    • Clip boundaries were not updated after applying Process > Length with a value >100%
  • User Interface / Workflow
    • Samples time ruler did not align properly with samples in waveform
    • Name control and vertical FX bin did not show the 'current control outline'
    • Items in the Track Template menu would sometimes disappear after using track templates.
    • The Help > Register... menu command was still available after registering SONAR 6 Producer Edition.
    • Deleting an assigned control in the Synth Rack did not unhook remote control
    • Choosing the Milliseconds time ruler format would instead open the 'Measure Beat/Meter' dialog
    • SONAR always displayed the global pan law instead of the current project's pan law
    • It was not possible to change audio clip start times from the Event Inspector toolbar
    • Track Inspector faders could display incorrectly after changing the output channel in the Track Inspector
    • "None" was not an available in the list of AVC devices when using a DV device to view video, so you could not switch back to SONAR’s Video view display without first unplugging the external device.
    • Track Inspector volume fader could stop controlling track volume if focus was changed to another track, then back to the previous track.
    • It was not possible to adjust the track scale with the mouse wheel if "Simultaneous Horizontal and Vertical Zoom" was disabled. You can now use Alt+windows key and mouse wheel adjust track scaling.
    • When enabling the inline Piano Roll, the Note Duration control could cover other controls if the PRV controls were hidden in the Widget Tab Manager
    • Only the first FX in an FX bin could be re-ordered via drag&drop
    • "Now time" artifacts could appear in the time ruler during playback when the page scrolled
    • Staff View could erroneously display all notes in a measure grouped together on the first beat.
    • Keyboard navigation between Track view controls could result in unexpected behavior.
    • In some cases, the Console and Track views could display incorrect bus WAI assignments.
    • Untabb ing VST property pages did not always restore the property page's previous position and size
    • Track view FX bins were not displayed when track height was set to 1 vertical unit
    • Track folder Mute button state would incorrectly include archived tracks when examining the mute state of all contained tracks
    • Clips with missing audio would display a permanent "busy" indicator.
    • Deleting any preset in the Define Colors dialog would always delete the first preset in the list
    • When displaying multiple mains in Narrow Strip mode in the Console View the widget layout would not be aligned properly
    • Double-clicking track folder Solo button could cause archived tracks within the folder to be soloed.
    • Double-clicking the numerical volume field in the Track Inspector would reset the Volume control instead of enabling the Volume edit box.
  • Session Drummer 2
    • Session Drummer 2 transport would keep an unsteady beat at higher latencies
    • Session Drummer 2 preview list had misnamed entry for note 51
    • Changing the preview note of one instance of Session Drummer 2 would affect other instances
    • Session Drummer 2 would preview the instrument after it had been loaded via a pad's Load menu
  • Synth Rack
    • Assign Controls did not work properly if the synth appeared after a frozen synth
    • Synth Rack Freeze button tooltip did not always show correct state
    • Disabled Synth Rack Freeze buttons did not display tooltips
    • Synth Rack did not respond to Increment/Decrement Preset key bindings
  • V-Vocal
    • A pop could occur where a V-Vocal clip and normal audio clip meet
    • Track phase was not being applied to V-Vocal clips properly

This page last updated: 2/18/2010

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