Rapture 1.2 Update

The information in this article applies to:
  • Rapture 1.0
  • Rapture 1.1
  • Rapture 1.1.1

Issues Resolved in Rapture 1.2

  • VST version now works in some hosts that do not support VST 2.4
  • x64 VST version now patches correctly
  • Envelope Generator nodes could go negative
  • Authorization issues under Windows Vista when not run as administrator
  • 'Use Single Mode' now works in Windows Vista without having to run as administrator
  • In some cases an exception error that would occur when opening the editor in Project5 version 2.5 has been corrected
  • An exception would occur if the buffer size was larger than 4096 samples in DXi hosts
  • DXi automation performance issues
  • Band Pass Filter issues
  • Program fix: 'RGC Brass Bands'

New Features in Rapture 1.2

  • Envelope Generators can now be retriggerd from the Step Generator
  • Internal Tempo with Tap - Rapture can now sync to its own internal tempo
  • You can now save and load presets in the Envelope Generator and Step Generator sections
  • Envelope Generator now autoscrolls when entering nodes
  • Knob Focus Indicator - the currently selected knob will now have edging around it
  • Built-in DC Offset blocker to remove unwanted DC Offset distortion
  • Up/Down selectors now have direct text entry by double-clicking on them
  • New alternate 'Zoom On View' mode in the Envelope Generator
  • Vista x64 improvements - the installer now allows you to choose to install either the 32 or 64-bit versions of Rapture on Windows Vista x64
After installing the update, please review the ReadMe file for more information.  This update includes the 32 and 64-bit versions or Rapture 1.2 for all supported operating systems. 

To access this free update you must be a registered Rapture customer.  If you have not yet registered your product you can register online now.

DownloadDownload the Rapture 1.2 Update

This page last updated: 3/11/2011

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