SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: The Next Level

Craig Anderton is back with a brand-new video tutorial that blows the lid right off of SONAR X1. This is unlike any other video tutorial on the market today (even compared to his first, universally-acclaimed “Advanced Workshop” video) as Craig shows you amazing, one-of-a-kind techniques that truly take SONAR X1 to the next level.

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If you want an “A-Z” on recording with SONAR X1, this isn’t it—SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: The Next Level includes 30 never-before-seen video tutorials that will blow away even the most veteran SONAR user. Ever heard of an “Acoustifier”? Craig shows you how to construct one inside SONAR X1—in minutes. Wish you could re-create some of the vintage effects, like true tape flanging, that defined music in the 60s and 70s? Now you can, thanks to an entire chapter dedicated to Vintage Effects. How about ambient and spatial effects once possible only in expensive studios? Final touches to masters? Virtual guitar re-tuning? Unprecedented distortion sounds? Do them all inside SONAR X1, as this video guides you with step-by-step details.

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop: The Next Level stretches your imagination and redefines what you thought was possible with SONAR X1. With decades of experience as a producer, engineer, and performer, Craig Anderton dissects SONAR X1 to a level never seen before. And best of all, he de-mystifies these techniques for users of any level.

Watch this video, and your perception of SONAR X1’s possibilities—as well as your music—will never be the same.


  • 30 never-before-seen video tutorials dedicated to SONAR X1
  • 1 hour 52 minutes runtime
  • Includes new features like SONAR X1 Producer Expanded and ProChannel Modules
  • Written by Craig Anderton and officially endorsed by Cakewalk
  • MP4 format: Watch on your PC, iOS device, or Android device

Regular Price: $39.99

Introductory price thru 12/31/11: $29.99

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